Honey Badger Radio: Feminism’s Pimp Hand


“Are the Vagina’s in the house!” Eve Elsner screams to a cheering audience of feminists.
Yep. All us women? We’re just vaginas.
And that’s all that we are.
You know who else reduces women down to their genitals?
Specifically pimps reduce women down to what the pimp can extract in terms of benefit from their vaginas.
Sorta like feminists.
Except for feminists it’s not the vagina’s use that’s of interest, but it’s abuse. And whatever can be twisted into abuse of vaginas.
Make no mistake, like the pimp, all they care about is your vagina. If you didn’t have a vagina, they wouldn’t really care what happened to you.
You’re a whore in their stable, pimped out for their benefit. And if you refuse to be feminsim’s whore, watch out for their pimp hand!
The instant you say no, you’ll see just how deep sisterhood goes.

Show airs at 8PM Central Time


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