Monday Morning Roundup

Hope you had a good weekend. Here’s some stuff you may have missed:
If they ever told you that radical feminists who hate men and boys are not in positions of power and authority that can allow them to take their hatred into the real world in ways that have real consequences, or that they don’t exist at all, please be sure to check out the recently updated, much more easily searchable RadFemHub archives from Agent Orange. Yes, we’re sorry to burst our bubble, but these haters not only exist, but they’re people in tenured academic professions, childcare workers, politicians, and others with political clout. And they hate your sons, brothers, and fathers. Look for yourself.
Our good friends at Jezebel have recently decided that they were for men’s rights issues all along, and that it’s men’s rights advocates who are at fault for men’s issues in suicide, homelessness, genital mutilation, family court abuse, debtor’s prison, marginalization of male victims, and victims of false allegations. But John the Other congratulates Kate Harding of Jezebel for at least acknowledging that these issues are real and legitimate, even if she thinks it’s feminists who’ve been working on them the last few decades. She is invited to join A Voice for Men as a contributor to help us spread awareness of these issues.
Also, apparently, members of an anti-violence, non-violent human rights movement are apparently now responsible for a mass shooting. Oh wait a minute, no we aren’t. But racist, sexist bigots think we are. They also think we’re all white and we’re all male. Thanks for that, bigots.
In the meantime, Dr. Gordon E. Finley and Harry Crouch of the National Coalition for Men urge all people to write to the U.S. Congress to end the basic civil rights abuses and trashing of the 14th amendment inherent in the so-called Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which does little to nothing to help violence against women and in the process encourages violence and more against men and boys. They don’t, unfortunately, tell you how to find your elected officials. That’s OK, I will: Click here to go to, where you can look up who your Representative and your Senator is, if you live anywhere in the United States. If you don’t know who your Senators are, or who your representative is, why don’t you know? And why haven’t you written them? Even if they don’t respond, even if they dismiss you, the more of us who write to contact them the more they’ll know men’s and boys issues matter, and that drives us closer to the day when men are treated as full human beings due the same rights and respect under the law, and the same compassion and consideration as women and girls.
A woman who viciously verbally assaulted a man in Toronto was recently the recipient of a kindhearted effort by the man she assaulted; he made her an open offer of some sort of rapprochement. John the Other thinks him misguided and foolish. Some agree and some don’t. Feel free to voice your own position.
Independent reporter Greg Renouf, who says he supports some aspects of feminism, has a report for us on some of the haters who practiced vandalism, assault, intimidation, and censorship at the University of Toronto. Knowing who the enemies of basic human rights for men and boys are is helpful in our view.
And, as usual, we have some cool new entries in the video section, so have fun perusing some of those.
Also, while the folks at Jezebel get hysterical with incoherent rage, we have something refreshing this week: a critic of A Voice for Men who, while we think she gets some things wrong or unfair (we do a lot more real world activism than she thinks) at least gives men’s rights some respect, and points to a project that Men’s advocates ought to support. Without endorsing her criticism of us (which we think comes from not having explored the site sufficiently, or just not liking our pungent language, or taking issue with a few of our commenters), we do support the project she mentions, so check out her entry on a birth control pill for men, and how you can support that effort. And if you would, try to make her understand that we don’t hate her and that we do more around here than sit around bitching about women and indulging in conspiracy theories. Maybe John the Other will even have an answer for her. My own view? Rational critics who don’t spew hatred at men are welcomed, even if they are critical of A Voice for Men itself (hey, we aren’t for everybody Naomi, but at least try to get it right: we really DO do real world activism, FYI).
Also, the folks at Who Needs Feminism dot ORG (not .com, .org) are still putting up some terrific stuff, some very funny and some very gutwrenching. Check ’em out.
Tales from the Infrared was back for a final episode for the year last week; it was a good show if I do say so myself, with a lot about video gaming especially but lots of other geeky stuff. And the radio crew at AVfM Radio had a great show on why some feminists seem to be very afraid of the men’s rights movement. Short take? They’re losing their monopoly on the man/woman/female/male discussion and have to put up with other voices, and they don’t like it much. Well tough noogies, because we’re here to stay. We also had a great show with PatrickHenryist that you probably want to make time to listen to!
Oh and by the way everyone? The Erin Pizzey interview? The one we promised last week? It got delayed in production, but should be out tomorrow or Wednesday. You won’t be disappointed, it was worth the wait. I especially hope that the folks at Jezebel read and watch it, and folks like Naomi Chambers for that matter. But we’ll see.
Have a fun week everyone.

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