Mass demonizing of male sexuality in schools

Less than a month ago, I said on AVfM News and Activism that it’s only a matter of time until the mass demonizing of male sexuality shall commence in Romanian schools. Well, the feminists were indeed fast.

Romania is the second country in the EU (after the UK) when it comes to the number of abortions and teen pregnancy. The government had decided that it was time to introduce mandatory sexual education classes in schools. However, in the mean time, there was an economic meltdown to be avoided so the issue was postponed.

Feminists have offered their precious “help” on this issue and the teachers were all too happy to accept it since it would save some money.

But at what cost the savings?

Their project consists of a website that is due to be heavily promoted by the teachers, both directly to the children in classes, and in PTA meetings. The promotional article in Bucharest News reads as follows[1]:

The staff of the website is formed from Adriana Radu [the initiator of the project], the team of the FRONT organization, an organization that owns the platform, Ioana Nanu, a teacher of Romanian literature on George Coșbuc High School […]. The staff has started making the videos and the website shall constantly be updated starting next February.

The demonizing of the male sex and calling father’s rights organizations as ‘a bunch of patriarchal rapists’ is more than common on platform. These same people will write the texts for the new website; one that is already championed by several politicians (needless to say – politicians from the Socialist Party).

Aside from the fact that the main supporter (providing funding and logistics) for this project is an anti-male organization, another serious concern is the fact that although there are still more than two months until their project will be fully active, they are already promoting it with blatant lies. For instance, in the same article from Bucharest News, they say:

Adriana also explained that the biggest problem is that due to the lack of sexual education in public schools, Romania is now amongst the countries with the highest teen birth rate (with over 22 thousands births in 2010).

Well, that figure is false. Indeed, Romania did have a huge number but the exact figure was 18,483 – feminists have increased the number significantly.

They aren’t even hiding the fact that they’re promoting feminist ideology:

There is also a huge problem in the fact that the teenagers are taking their information about sex from pornographic movies as in these clips one can see a negative and violent attitude towards women coming from men.

The irony is that their opinion coincides with the radical religious fanatics and, despite this obvious fact, they created a shit storm against a pro-life organization that promoted a similar message earlier this year.

The initiator of the project also admits that she came up with this idea following a sexual education program for women that she attended in Germany.

In Romania, the German model in everything is seen a priori as ‘good’ though we should probably think twice as Germany has a long history when it comes to misandry and demonizing the male sex. For instance, in German kindergartens the boys are literally forced to urinate while sitting and, recently, the German parliament overturned the Cologne Court’s decision that made male genital mutilation illegal[2].

Besides promoting the ideology of hate starting with an F, this project also aims to promote sexual irresponsibility among girls while using the government to hold boys accountable for their individual actions.

At the beginning of 2012, there was a case in Craiova City (southwestern Romania) where a 14 year old girl gave birth to a child following a relationship with a 14 year old boy[3][4]. Although the two were roughly the same age (he is two months older) and their families were fully aware of their relationship and the entire process was fully consensual, the girl was treated as a ‘victim’ and the boy was arrested and treated like a criminal and to this day it’s still unclear what will happen to him.

This case, with both parents being under the age of 16, is the first since the fall of the Communist regime, when birth control methods were less available. But these kinds of cases are bound to increase following this project because the feminist organization promotes, among other things, that it’s the girl’s right to get knocked up whenever she wants and with whom she wants, regardless of what other people say. And, of course, it’s the man’s obligation to assume responsibility for her unilateral actions and decisions, and it’s the government’s obligation to provide for her free education, free healthcare and money[5].

What’s even more sad is the fact that home-schooling is not an option in the EU (or in non-EU countries) and this means that the negative impact on boys shall be more severe than the one in the US.






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