Injustice in Delaware – Part IV

Finally on September 1, 2012 Tiffany Marie Smith, serial false accuser was arrested. Two proven false reports in 2010 that the Delaware Department of Justice were aware of have still been ignored, but finally the Dover, Delaware Police did the right thing and took police action on her most recent spate of false reports.

Tiffany Marie Smith began her criminal false reports with simple lies, going back to January 26, 2009. Her lies were not investigated by Delaware State Police (DSP) Troop 3 before they ran to the obliging Magistrates at Justice of the Peace Court (JP) and got rubber-stamp warrants. Tiffany was thus encouraged by how easy it was to use the police as a tool to harass and cause fear and alarm and financial and emotional damage to Gordon Smith. She escalated beyond simply lying to police to producing false evidence, conspiring with others to commit her crimes and sustaining injuries to frame Gordon Smith.

January 11, 2010, Tiffany called 911 and reported that Gordon crouched by her car in the parking lot and that she was frightened. The reality was that she had come in a friend’s car and arrived before Gordon. He didn’t know what car was hers and had gone outside, after meeting her at a fast food restaurant to play with his son. He went to the parking lot to wait for his ride and when he went back in she told him she had called the police. (911 on speed dial) A simple lie didn’t work, that night, with the local town police department, so the next day she expounded on the event in a petition for a ex-parte Protection From Abuse order. (“ex-parte” meaning Gordon was not allowed to be present to defend himself.)

January 13, 2010 Tiffany reported to police that a call had been placed by Gordon that he did not place. She showed Delaware State Police an incoming call in her call log from a blocked number and played a voice mail allegedly from Gordon. He never found out if it was someone else on the voice mail recording or if she fabricated evidence by recording a prior message and playing it back into a new message to frame him. It wasn’t him that called her. Tiffany had graduated from depending on simple lies to creating false evidence.

That case never went anywhere because he was arrested for violating the ex-parte protection order (PFA) when he had not been served the order and didn’t know it existed. It was supposedly a “clerical error” that he was entered into the criminal information system as having been served. Gordon was arrested and taken to Vaughn state prison for twenty hours despite being bailed out within about an hour of his incarceration in prison and despite family court employees realizing the error and trying to get him released. The record was expunged but the nightmarish experience can not be expunged from his mind.

January, 26, 2010 Tiffany made another false allegation based on a call from a blocked number. This time Capitol Police didn’t hear the voice mail allegedly left by Gordon but based the charge on the phone log of when the call was received. This was the first proven false report because at the time Tiffany called herself or had someone call from a blocked number, Gordon was in the courthouse, the Kent Family Court, on video surveillance, in a room full of other Respondents, under the watchful eyes of court employees, Bailiffs and Capitol Police. He was not on a phone at the time Tiffany Smith received a call from a blocked number. That is a false report to police. Deputy Attorney General Chris Parker did not drop the charge until the day of trail. Tiffany had moved to Georgia and didn’t come back to testify to her false report, although she is no stranger to perjury and has been proven to lie under oath. She knew by then that Gordon had been at the courthouse and could prove he didn’t call anyone. Deputy Attorney General Parker did not have Tiffany charged with a false report. Parker fined Tiffany $50 for failing to show up for court to testify. This was the first false police report that could be proven to be a knowingly false report to police, but Tiffany Marie Smith has not been charged for it.

July 16, 2010, Tiffany calls Delaware State Police (DSP) Troop 3 and reports Gordon called her and she had told him not to call but he had been making numerous calls and sending text messages. They get a warrant for phone harassment. They did not check her phone log because he hadn’t called or texted her in weeks. Or did they check her phone log and find calls or texts that did not come from him? (Here’s an app for bogus evidence.) Gordon had not talked to her since June 28 for her to have the opportunity to tell him not to call. Delaware State Police called Gordon after getting the warrant to tell him he was wanted. Gordon told them he made one phone call and there was no Protection From Abuse prohibiting him from calling the custodial parent of his little boys. He told Delaware State Police that he was on his way to Georgia and would come in to be arrested on the warrant after he got back to Delaware. (See: Injustice in Delaware, Part I)

July 22, 2010. Tiffany had gotten an ex-parte PFA after the July 16 phone call and warrant. Gordon was in Georgia and didn’t know about a PFA order. He had not been served yet. That day he went to Wal-Mart and picked up money sent by moneygram from FLAIR to cover expenses and got a ride with two other guys going to Washington, DC to attend the annual Family Preservation Festival.

Tiffany called DSP Troop 3 and showed them a letter that she said she found on her porch. She didn’t know what Delaware State Police knew, that Gordon was in Georgia. The letter said “Bitch you filed a PFA, I’m going to fuckking kill you and the boys” (In court she testified it said “my boys”). The Delaware State Police knew Gordon didn’t write the letter and did not apply for a warrant for Gordon. They also didn’t investigate it as a false report. (Attempt to frame-1st threatening letter) Tiffany was now producing or causing to be produced fabricated physical evidence for police. This is another escalation in her efforts to have Gordon falsely arrested and imprisoned.

August 9, 2010 Tiffany calls DSP Troop 3 at 1:02PM an reports that she just saw Gordon and a friend at her home in Hartly, Delaware at 1 o’clock. Delaware State Police get a warrant for violation of a protection order. Gordon is arrested at which time his friend produced a receipt signed by her and time stamped 12:41 that shows they were in Camden, Delaware. The fast food restaurant they ate at is 28 minutes from Tiffany’s house per Google maps. (Second proven false report) Tiffany was not arrested for this well documented false report. It would have been a slam dunk conviction. She and her sister Morgan Evans and then boyfriend Bill Merson lied to Delaware State Police and in court testimony. The physical evidence, receipts and video, contradicted their lies. Evans and Merson were never arrested for conspiracy, being accessories to the crime of false report or felony perjury. This is a further escalation in her criminal activities to involve third parties and this is the second false report that is proven with physical evidence.

August 12, 2010 Tiffany sees Gordon and a friend at Walgreen’s. She and her then-boyfriend, Bill who lied about the August 9 incident, go to Dover Police Department and report that Gordon saw them driving by and followed them on foot to Walgreen’s and that he and and a friend followed them in a car when they left the store. Dover Police get a warrant for felony stalking and violation of a PFA. Gordon is arrested. In reality Gordon was meeting a friend at Walgreen’s, where his friend wanted to stop to make a purchase for herself. He was surprised to see Tiffany come up the aisle. Gordon and his friend went directly to the Dover campus of Wilmington University where they had to submit a form before 5 PM. He didn’t see Tiffany’s car in the parking lot when he got there and in fact she, apparently, was in her boyfriend’s truck which Gordon had never seen and couldn’t identify at that time.

September, 2010 Tiffany reports to a local police department that on June 25 Gordon sexually assaulted her. The officer investigates and calls Gordon to discuss the criminal complaint. The officer determines that there is no probable cause to arrest Gordon. He does not arrest Tiffany for filing a false report.

Then we come to the recent false reports; July 28, 2012 Tiffany reported that Gordon said the would kill her. August 13, Tiffany reports threatening note, August 18, Tiffany reports threatening note, August 24 Tiffany reports threatening note, August 28, Tiffany reports physical assault. All false reports. Police have charged her with only three of these five falsifications.

Now that Tiffany Marie Smith has been arrested for three false reports, some think that the story is over. But we are not yet at a happy ending. The Delaware Department of Justice has still to this day refused to have Tiffany Smith arrested for the verifiable false reports of January 26 and August 9, 2012. The false report of August 9 involves multiple counts of crimes and additional parties that are criminally culpable.

Delaware State Police took the August 9, 2010, false report to Deputy Attorney General Chris Parker and he turned his back on the obvious false report. He failed, in his official capacity as Deputy Attorney General to Beau Biden to protect a citizen from harm. He is the same Deputy Attorney general that prosecuted Gordon on the false report of January 26, 2010. Parker knew or should have known that charge was a false report, with Gordon on video not making a call at the time alleged by Tiffany that he had called her in violation of a protection order. Parker should have had Tiffany arrested then. If the Department of Justice had done their job then Gordon would never had to experience the recent hell he has been through since July 28. They failed in their duty.

This is not just a woman who lies about incidents which never happened. This is a woman who frequently fabricates evidence that on the surface, barring contradictory physical evidence, establishes probable cause for arrest and could cause a false conviction. Falsified evidence could have resulted in Gordon going to prison. That, had Gordon not had his own civil rights violated by being put on “probation” and GPS monitoring despite never being convicted of anything, she might have gotten away with. This is a woman who has been proven to conspire with others to lie to police and testify falsely to frame an innocent person for crimes he did not commit.

Tiffany Smith is a very dangerous woman.

In New Hampshire, prosecutors know how to deal with women like this–see New Hampshire vs Ruggiero. In New Hampshire they take them off the street. That is known, in criminology, as direct deterrence. It also sends a message to others doing the same thing or contemplating similar crimes. That is known as indirect deterrence.

Tiffany is in Delaware where they have so far given her a pass on crimes that in New Hampshire would have already sent her to prison. Will the Delaware Department of Justice finally hold Tiffany Smith accountable and punish her for her crimes, or will she get a slap on her wrist and be free to resume her crime spree? Will they look back at the proven false reports from 2010 and finally charge her for those crimes? Will Attorney General Beau Biden’s office drop the ball again? We will be watching to answer those questions. We don’t have justice in Delaware yet.

Read  Injustice In Delaware Part I and  Part II  and Part III if you missed them. See also Open Letter to Delaware State Police, and State Attorney General’s Office by John The Other and Nurdy Dancing, Cop 101 Lessons for Delaware State Police by Dean Esmay, and Tiffany Marie Smith Behind Bars by Paul Elam, John the Other, and Nurdy Dancing to see how the story has unfolded in the last two weeks while we were preparing this latest update to our ongoing series to document what’s been done to Gordon Smith and his two little children.

A note to MRAs. Gordon Smith is not just another blue pill man in trouble. He is one of us. He is also one of the founders of FLAIR and has worked diligently to reform family law as well as being an activist supporting reform to VAWA. He has a legal defense fund to acquire counsel for his upcoming trial, since at this point all the police action against him has destroyed his professional life and drained him financially. If you can, please drop something into his fund so that he has a chance at qualified representation for his continuing legal battles to see his children, see Tiffany Marie Smith fully answer for her crimes, and recover from his devastating financial losses. Give here.

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