David Cameron’s government is a wretched hive of scum and misandry

British Prime Minister David Cameron, a Conservative (also known as a Tory), recently declared himself a feminist. In the meantime, here’s what other members of his coalition have to say about men:

What this says to us is what we’ve always said: the whole notion that men and boys’ issues are “left vs right” is bonehead stupidity. All major parties in the English-speaking world are openly misandrist. At least, that appears to be true in the UK, the US, and Canada. We’ve heard a few nice things about the Liberals recently elected in Australia but we aren’t going to be shocked if they disappoint.

If you’re male, you’re disposable motherfucker. That’s the message. Take it to the bank, and fuck them all until they’re shamed out of this despicable behavior.

We proudly dedicate this video to Rockin Mr. E, The Critical G, and Bernard Chapin.

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