AVFM News week in review Sept. 18-26th

A very big week for news with upcoming events in Toronto and more pickings from the world wide news media.  Special thanks to everyone in the AVFM News Department and AVFM staff for sending some of these my way.

Item: Feminists re-define “Objectivity” on Wikipedia

Previously AVFM News reported a massive effort by university feminists to inculcate into Wikipedia their views and ideology.  Their efforts are bearing fruit.  Now, according to Wikipedia, objectivity means only what feminists say it means. But only in a round about way, you see, they differentiate between other forms of objectivity and what they call “Strong Objectivity.”  I guess their next target will be the Weak and Strong forces between subatomic particles.  Someone alert the physical science community!

Item: Circumcision campaign in Africa is not reducing the prevalence of HIV AIDS.

Gee, who would have thought that this hateful exercise in male genital mutilation based on critically flawed studies would fail?  Go figure.

Item: Article in the Guardian tells male college students how to behave

This includes treating women as human beings (funny how women are not given the same advice about men) and to wear a condom. As if women do not have unprotected sex, get pregnant and spread venereal disease as well.

Oh, and don’t forget to “check your privilege” as a male college student.

Item: Father of Sydney boy who died after prolonged abuse says authorities ‘failed’ his son.

Grandmother of the boy who died at the hands of his mothers partner after being denied custody by the father says: “Hire more people to protect our babies, protect our loved ones, they are always the innocent parties in this world.”

Actually, you have this wrong lady. If children would have equal access to their fathers this thing would happen a whole lot less often.

Item: Tennessee: Obamacare will triple men’s premiums, double women’s

You mean that men will have to pay more for healthcare under Obamacare then women?  Whaaa?

Item: Boy suspended from school for playing with toy guns at home

Scenario: Neighbor calls police in a panic to report that a child is playing with a toy gun in his own front yard, police report it to the school then school suspends him and recommends expulsion as well.  It just gets better all the time!

Item: RSU among worst in Canada for free speech

The Canadian Centre (darn french Canadian always messes up my spell check) for Constitutional Freedoms rated the Reyerson University Student Union the second worst student union in that country for preventing the establishment of a men’s issues group.  The University of Toronto Student Union got a big fat “F” as well.  Nice to know that there are watchdog groups sticking up for us.


Item: National Parents Organization reports Massachusetts father awarded $40.25 million judgment against former wife

Egyptian  mother takes kids back home and denies father visitation while he racks up travel costs and kids are neglected and indoctrinated in radical Islamist ideology.  He sues and gets $40,250,000 bucks.   Boohlya!

Item:  This goes without mentioning but please tune into the live radio show on Saturday for the latest updates on what is happening in Toronto!

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