Honey Badger Radio: Party in Toronto!

The Canadian Association for Equality is hosting yet another lecture on men’s issues at the University of Toronto tomorrow evening. The speaker, Dr Miles Groth, will be talking about why men’s centers are needed on university campuses, and highlighting some of the biggest problems young men face in educational attainment. This is gearing up to be a major event, with a rally in Queen’s Park for men and boys in crisis on the roster for the following day, sponsored by a number of advocacy organizations, including NCFM, AVFM and CCW.

Planning to attend are Paul Elam, Tom Golden, Dean Esmay, myself (Karen Straughan), Raz (the head of MRE), and even Nick Reading, Edmonton city council candidate and founding member of the Patriarchy Party. A documentary film crew will also be there, to record this historic event, and we hope members of the mainstream media will also be in attendance.

A number of feminists are also expected to… heh… attend the event. It’s going to be like one big party

Join Alison, Della and Karen tonight on HBR while we discuss the event and its implications, as well as chat with guest Nick Reading about his upcoming election campaign on the Patriarchal Party ticket as well as his personal philosophy, his political views and his wiener dog.

All of that and more, tonight, on HBR radio.


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