Male Feminists

Villains and fools

The Atlantic’s Stephen Marche has published an incoherent mess, FTB’s Richard Carrier is trying to tell us to address men’s issues by shitting on MRAs, and others follow similar paths. According to AVfM’s very own Diana Davison it looks like The Establishment’s getting desperate. Or confused. Or constipated. Or maybe their mental souffle has simply fallen flat. [Illustration by Typhonblue]

Dear Conscious Men

What I see clearly is your opportunism, your false piety, and the ethic of a carrion eater. Your false reverence has nothing whatsoever to do with respect for women, it’s and everything to do with posturing for approval. Look at me, I’m a “good” man, not like those other “bad” men. Your simpering sycophancy stinks of benefit seeking.