Gay Hendricks and Arjuna Ardagh are Not Faggots

Does anybody remember the limp, feminized zombies of the Conscious Men Project, and their 7 minute long, repulsive self abasing apology for being men?

I’ve just Listened to Gay and Arjuna’s “Ultimate Men’s Summit” live podcast. The first thing which struck me as noteworthy was that these two hyper-feminized men, since the public backlash against their Dear Woman video, they have not distanced themselves from the mystical, obsequious and craven deification of women and blame of men. In fact since collective male guilt and woman-worship forms the core of their cosmology, they’ve dialed it up.

However, in re-iterating their position, they’ve become slightly more comprehensible. To begin, much of the negative reaction to the sickeningly opportunistic approval seeking video “Dear Women” is being dismissed by our friends Gay and Arjuna as homophobic knee jerk. It seems that more than 2000 emails in response to the video contained the word “faggot”. I wrote a piece critical of the dear woman video, and I understand the desire to employ such pejorative.

However, in the hope that the two of you,  Gay and Arjuna, may read this, I will address the rest of this piece to you personally. And I will commence by telling you that the word “faggot,” in this context, when applied to you gentlemen is no comment on your sexuality. No, the usage of “faggot” here is implying that you are weak, ineffectual, sycophantic, approval seeking suck-holes.

I’m sure that’s is more likely the intent in this case than in the  possibly incorrect characterization that either of you are homosexual.

I also find it quite curious that on this website, undoubtedly the most prominent on the internet where your views are being critiqued, even with a good measure of hostility, that no one, not in a single article nor in any comment every posted by readers in general, has there been even a single insinuation about your sexuality.

What has been insinuated, and clearly reinforced by your performance today at the “Ultimate Men’s Summit,” is that you are both disagreeable, wrongheaded, and dishonest. Prior to today’s pod cast, I would have allowed a possibility that your point of view was honestly held, but after today, no. Here’s what convinced me you’re both bad actors.

Sammich. The satirical miss-spelling of the word “sandwich.”

During the podcast of your segment on the “ultimate men’s summit” – one of you, (possibly Arjuna) characterized the abundance of anti-feminist web-pages employing the word “sammich” as positive proof that a strong anti-woman bias exists in our society.

“Go make me a sammich!” is a deliberate parody of feminism’s ongoing narrative about women’s supposed oppression. Sandwich is spelled “sammich” to make it clear it’s parody; an intentionally exaggerated use of the word to poke fun at the idea that the majority of men ever really held women in such low regard that they view them as only worth making a sandwich for a man.

For individuals calling themselves “conscious,” you two do appear conspicuously oblivious. But I’m not buying the oblivious act, not about “sammich” and not about your alleged obliviousness to the non-sexual pejorative connotation of “faggot.”

I think it is nothing more than a rouse to convince fence sitters that whoever dissents from your ideology are unconscious, knuckle dragging, homophobic misogynists.  And I think that makes for a very good sales pitch for women, your true target demographic.

That being said, lets take a look at your hypothesis of collective guilt, and your claimed necessity for collective apology by men. You also claim that men share in the masculine energy from which the urge to rape comes. Before I address this in detail, I’ll share something deep from my own masculine mysticality.

Fuck you.

Sorry, my ability to appear oblivious to the meaning of others words is not as refined as yours.

First, you falsely claim that rape is a masculine behavior, or even imply that most rapes are committed by men. For educated individuals, your factual veracity is sorely sub-par. Its true that most victims of rape are men, but you’re only concerned with victims when they own vaginas. From the conscious-men website: “ We worship women here, so if you’re a woman, we welcome you to join these lively discussions.”

This collectivized guilt by all men, for the behavior of a very few, and your pretense that violence and rape committed by women doesn’t exist. This is nothing except a re-packaging of the christian concept of original sin. The biblical fable that the transgressions of our distant ancestors can transfer culpability to us is perverse and immoral.

It’s the transferal of the crime of an individual onto another. The concept of collective guilt is merely a conduit to lend legitimacy to assumption of guilt by individuals who’ve taken no part in the apocryphal victimization of women, whether sexual or otherwise. In your cosmology, you would legitimize the hateful ideology that all men are rapists. In fact, if we accept collectivist thinking – then all humans are rapists and all humans are murderers. But its not true, and only a tiny fraction of humans are violent sexual offenders. And of that fraction, a good many are women – but you wont hear any reputable MRA saying all women are rapists or murderers, because men are mostly decent human beings.

Collectivized guilt of the type peddled by the supposed conscious men is, as I said – the repackaging of the biblical doctrine of original sin. The hateful dogma that humans are born guilty and only by submitting to a mythical parent can’t they be redeemed. The big problem with this sickening ethic is that culpability cannot be transferred. To attempt by rhetorical contortion, to transfer culpability is vile, and immoral, and wether it’s original sin or collectivist rape makes no difference. In the new and improved version, it’s only men who are guilty by virtue of masculinity, and the solution is worship of women.

And that is what you are selling, because while there is nothing but smoke and mirrors in the idea of collective guilt, there may be some merit in the idea of collective customers.

The organized and funded male apologists for female supremacy are merely grasping after female approval (read: dollars), a marketing ploy any junior grade ad exec could spot in every women’s magazine and talk show across western culture.  And you indirectly admit as much on your website.

When I first watched the “dear women” video, I thought it was a parody. On learning that it was outwardly serious, I wonder what extremity of self abasement will be next? perhaps a social imperative of conscious castration?

We’ve endured a narrative of accusation for the past 50 years as feminism has risen to pre-eminence in public ideology. The path to male self actualization is not more feminism or more accusation. Service to, and self sacrifice on behalf of a culture which increasingly despises male identity is not a solution.

The men’s rights movement already has a path to male self actualization, and it requires no mystical woo-woo or pseudo intellectual mummery. Its called Zeta Masculinity, and the men involved are growing ever committed to outing this type of demagoguery and sexism for what it is.

Men are human beings, and I have some news for you, so are women. If you want healing and respect, it won’t start with men on their knees making phony confessions to women that have been falsely elevated to the status of deity. That amounts to nothing more than putting men’s self respect on the chopping block of female narcissism, all for the sake of selling a book or tickets to a seminar.

Shame on both of you.

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