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Greetings All,

First a word of thanks.  In all the up and down and confusion of the site being rebuilt and re-hosted I really appreciated all the patience and supportive messages.  In terms of your user experience here, things are getting back to normal, if I can use that word in a place like this.

We have had a slight, but very tolerable short term dip in traffic, but that is to be expected after being down for a week, and it is already beginning to move upward again.

Commenting is down, but since we have overhauled the commenting system and everyone now has to register to post, that was also to be expected. New registrations are going at a very brisk pace, so all looks well there, too.

There is still a lot going on behind the scenes. I have hundreds of images to place yet throughout the site.  We have banners to develop and some other minor aesthetic changes to address. There will also be a custom radio program player embedded in the side bar before too terribly long so that you can listen to the radio programs here on the site if you wish. Thankfully all this will happen while the site is up and running.

You may, however, encounter some things that are out of whack, especially with older articles.  You may see some articles that are attributed to the wrong author.  If you do, please bring it to my attention for correction.  The same for articles that have been affected by the overhaul of our image protocols.

But now, onward and upward. Our editing and submission procedures are also in the process of revision.  We intend to make job #1 of producing article content, both in style and quality, that befits these shiny new digs we are now enjoying.  Many of you have given generously and you deserve the best we can give you.

Also, after we have crossed some more t’s and dotted the last of the i’s on the new site, we are moving on and going forward with in full swing.  What, you didn’t think we were just going to sit around and do nothing when we got done here, did you?

In order to make operate with the greatest impact we need to address a few more tech and continuity issues on the site. One thing the site transition has taught me here: there is merit in getting it right the first time. Even if it takes longer and makes you want to pull your hair out, it saves a ton of work down the road.

Mr. Dexter will continue to oversee work on RH, and when it is completed we will be making some additional entries to the site and launching the first in what we hope will be a series of press releases that will draw a lot of attention to the site.

It is our hopes that becomes an FTSU stronghold in the MRM.

And there you have it folks.  That is the latest of the latest, but there will be many more updates in the near future. We have four full months remaining in 2011.  I hope and believe they will be the most spectacular months we have ever had.  And MRAs, that is saying a lot.



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