AVfM Site News and Derek Bedry busted

I was honestly hoping that my 500th post to this website would be a memorable one, and it appears that the blogging gods have indeed decided to smile upon me for this auspicious occasion.

First, I am proud to announce that A Voice for Men will now be bringing you weekly video news reports on what is happening in the AVfM world. Nurdy Dancing, fellow angry white male and all around oppressor, has joined the AVfM team to bring you onsite news dedicated solely to matters AVfM.  They will be located in a post to the main articles, like this one, and in the featured video spot at the right of the page.

As if this were not great already, one of the subjects of Nurdydancing’s first weekly report is one near and dear to the heart of MRAs. Many of you will remember the recent coverage of the MRM posters going up in Vancouver, as reported by Derek Bedry of openfile.ca. It was Mr. Bedry that made the false allegations that MRAs were linked to terrorist organizations, mass murderers and other social miscreants. Of course he did so without any proof, and without even addressing the posters that were supposedly so objectionable.

I could tell you more, but it would be more fitting to let you hear about it from AVfM newscaster, Nurdydancing.

At this time I should update the report in the video. We will be making an announcement about the new activism committee later in the week. As reported, we will be continuing and expanding our outing of corrupt public officials and false accusers. But I suppose we should add to the list journalists who actually create the news they are reporting on, and con the reading public into thinking they are an objective professional reporting the facts.

We understand that some AVfM readers my want contact information for the editor of openfile.ca, as some readers may want to question that news source as to why one of their reporters is engaged in such malicious deception of their readers for the sake of his own political activism. They may want to ask why anyone reading a site employing Derek Bedry should believe anything that openfile.ca publishes.

What’s next openfile? Are your reporters going to steal cars and then report on the crime problem?

Here is the contact info for openfile.ca   contact@openfile.ca


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