Leaping labia of lunacy

Some days I think that Southern Ontario has got to be filled with bottom of the barrel of Acme Fem & co activists.  I’ve seen some rather bizarre shit roll across various MHRM / MRM sites wading through the webpages but this recent one is well, out there.
This current case of crazy involves a polyester pussy posse censoring free speech and open discourse by screaming down an invited speaker. And they are from, yup, you guessed it, Ontario.
On Wednesday, Conservative Member of Parliament for Kitchener Centre Stephen Woodworth was scheduled to give a talk at the University of Waterloo. The campus group that invited him, “Waterloo Students for Life,” a pro-life organization.
Woodworth has been making the news for sometime. The introduction of his Bill 312, which seeks to define when life begins, already has the rank and file of feminists frothing at their shopworn mouths.
Right now in Canada, until a baby leaves the mother’s birth canal it is not considered human. It has been that way for about 400 years according to his website. While abortion laws changed in Canada around January of 1988, the codifying of when a human begins to have rights or becomes human is antiquated and little out of date.
Personally I think a little debate on the topic is in order.
Now before some feminist / fatboy white knight does a drive by quote mining expedition, let me be perfectly clear on this. I am open for debate on when life begins, not whether abortion should be legal.
Seems like the perfect spot to discuss ideas revolving around this subject would be a university, young minds meeting learned ones and all that. However feminists don’t share this idea, in fact they are providing the citizens of Canada and abroad with some fine examples of gestapo-like censorship, coupled with some embarrassing, self demeaning comedy.
Wednesday’s example at the University of Waterloo provides us with case study 569,932,021, 471, or, as I like to call it, The Leaping Labia Lunatic.
See, not only did the femistasi manage to stop freedom of speech, a protected right under Section 2 of The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but they were able to do this, AGAIN, on a University campus to an elected member of the federal government.
Their modus operandi was to shout, scream act like petulant little children and as well as hold up banners clearly designed to intimidate. One of them read “If You Cut My Repro Choice I will Cut Off Yours.” It was accented with a pair of scissors drawn in the middle of the six lines of feminist rabidness.
Some of the other protesters had hoods over their heads which reminded me of pictures of a KKK rally, but the hoods were smartly colored. At least the ‘Ku Kunt Klan’  kept true to their cowardly form, uttering phrases of idiocy out loud while hiding their identity.
Where was I? Oh yeah, one member of the clitty commandos that had me almost rolling out of my chair with laughter was Mr, yup, that’s right MR Leaping Labia Lunatic.
See this knight of the ku kunt klan actually thought it was a good idea first to censor free speech, and secondly do this while dressed up as a gal’s vertical smile. And hey, if you want to call me sexist for the ‘Ku Kunt Klan’ and other pussy-centric remarks, save it. I am not the one dressed up like a giant vagina.
This shit is straight out of a Monty Python movie. The title “The life of brain dead Brian” comes to mind. They have succeeded in their search for the Holy Fail.
Mr. Leaping Labia Lunatic only makes his presence on the youtube video of this recent prime example of femistasi speech stomping for a short period of time. Ah, parting is bitter sweet Mr Lunatic, but there are more deluded people than you to examine at this display of femistasi gender dictated insanity.
I am left with a question about this “did they ever stop to consider that perhaps some of the pro lifers are not holy rollers?” I mean like whats the odds Acme Fem & co.?
At the end of this coven of crazy video one of the protesters asks the question,”Why are you concerned for his safety and not the safety of our uteruses?”
The ranting anti-religious advocate adds “How about all the people that aren’t women that have uteruses?”
See what these two members of Acme Fem & co. inadvertently did was broach the topic of reproductive rights for people who don’t have female plumbing, aka males.
The regular readers of any men’s human rights website will tell you men don’t have any reproductive rights. Men have responsibilities. That’s all we have. Feminists have set up the current laws, policies and government entities throughout first world nations to enforce it.
No say in the matter for boys. You donated 50% of the genetic material that started the “innocent” woman’s pregnancy.  We know it, or at least we claim to know it. Don’t you dare do any paternity testing in some first world nations. That would be illegal. Although its not like getting money out of somebody under false pretenses, or as some in the legal world would call it, fraud.
Remember that part I mentioned about whether abortion should be legal, brownskirts™ and when life begins? I think its high time men had reproductive rights to abort his responsibilities to a possible child. I also think a healthy, and by that I mean open discussion of when life begins is in order.
That day is coming, but we aren’t exactly speeding things along by allowing clowns in cuntsuits to shut down the discussion.

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