Spanish feminist establishment is shaking

The Spanish feminist reign of terror begins with a tragedy.

On March 11, 2004, three days before the elections, ten bombs explode in Madrid trains at 7:37 AM local time, killing 191 people and wounding over 1800[1].

A significant portion of the Spanish electorate thought that the attack took place because of the country’s engagement into the so-called “war on terror.” Whether this was true or not it’s up for discussion and of little importance at the end of the day. What is of high importance is that the aforementioned portion of the Spanish electorate shifted their vote toward the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE – Partido Socialista Obrero Español), lead by Don José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, who promised to withdraw the country from the “war on terror.”

Despite the fact that the center-right moderate party was the favorite, the promise made by the Left was swallowed by many naïve Spaniards and the socialists won the elections. As it happens each time the Left wins the elections in Europe, the new government came with a lot of radical feminists and with their own war. Not a war on terror – but a terrorizing war on men.

The front door of the Ministry for EqualityThey founded the Ministry for Equality – The Women’s Institute (Ministerio de Igualdad – Instituto de la Mujer). Not kidding, the Women’s Institute was the sole authority of the Ministry for Equality. This is a photo taken at the front door of the Ministry’s headquarters.

Then, in December 2004, when the Madrid tragedy was still fresh in people’s minds, the Zapatero government pushed the “Organic Act of Integrated Protection Measures against Gender Violence” (la Ley Integral contra la Violencia de Género) and through that law, Courts of “Violence against Women” have been established[2]. This law makes VAWA or The Istanbul Convention to look like innocent fluffy stuff.

The article 1.1 (The object of the law) in this Law reads as follows:

This Act aims to act against violence as a manifestation of discrimination, the inequality and power relations of men over women, is exerted on them by those who are or have been their spouses or who are or have been linked to them by similar affective relationships, even without cohabitation.

Now, I may not be the best Spanish speaker but I am pretty sure that I translated this correctly. So this article basically says that men are always at fault and women are always victims and all that it takes as a man to be considered a perpetrator of “gender violence” is for woman, any woman, to say so. And this is made clear right from the get go in the first article.

Article 20, concerning the judicial assistance, reads as follows:

Women victims of domestic violence who have insufficient resources to litigate, under the terms established by Law […], are entitled to free representation by defense counsel and solicitor in all administrative processes and procedures that have direct or indirect cause the violence suffered. In these cases one direction assume the defense counsel of the victim. This right will also assist the beneficiaries in case of death of the victim. In any case, the legal defense will be ensured for free and immediately and it shall be dedicated to all victims of domestic violence, upon request, subject to that if not recognized after the right to legal aid, they must pay the attorney’s fees incurred by his speech.

In other words, if you are a woman that wants to divorce and have no money of your own but want to get the house, the kids, the savings and virtually all your husband’s possessions, claim that you are victim of “gender violence” and the benevolent Socialist state will put your husband in prison, the kids will never see him again, the state will pay for your lawyers and those lawyers have all the legal means to make sure that you get everything. You don’t even have to be a nice person. You can be the one who was abusive in the relationship. It doesn’t matter. If you have the vagina, you just say you want everything and the Socialist state will trust your word regardless of any evidence.

Article 21.1 and 21.4 concerning the working rights and social security, read as follows:

21.1: A woman victim of domestic violence shall be entitled, under the terms provided in the Workers’ Statute, reduction or rearrangement of working time, geographic mobility, changing workplace, the suspension of the employment with job reservation and termination of contract.
21.4: Absences or lateness to work due to physical or psychological situation resulting from domestic violence are considered justified when so determined by social care services or health services, as appropriate, notwithstanding that such absences are reported by the employee to the company at the earliest.

In other words, if you are woman that has a job but wants to work less, you can make a “gender violence” allegation. By doing that, an innocent man goes to prison but you, lady, get to work less (the difference in salary being paid by the state or the employer forced to pay you regardless of how much you work, depending on the region). Remember: No proof at all is needed for all this. You just have to be a woman and make an allegation against a man. It doesn’t have to be true or even credible.

Article 22 takes care of the “victims” that don’t have a job but want one. So, are you a woman that can’t find a job in Spain? Make an allegation of “gender violence” against any random man and the state will give you job.

Moreover, are you a Spanish woman who doesn’t want to work but wants some money? Make an allegation of “gender violence” against any random man and, under article 27 of this law, you get free money from the State. Are you a woman that wants a house paid by the State? Article 28 gives you this opportunity if you say you are a victim of gender violence. Who passes judgments on these claims? Article 43.1 makes it clear:

In every region there will be one or more Courts of Violence against Women, based in the capital of the former and jurisdiction throughout its territory.

So if you are a Spanish woman wanting something, all you have to do is go to a Court of Violence Against Women, name a random man to go to jail, and then start demanding free stuff from the State. A feminist-trained judge will make sure you get it.

Are you a Spanish woman and you want to remove the father completely from the lives of your children? No problem, Articles 65 and 66 make sure you get the power to do so.

Are you a father and want to remove an abusive mother from the lives of your children? Tough luck. If you open your mouth, the kids will undoubtedly go to her regardless of your evidence. In fact, you are not even allowed to speak in the Court if you are a man, let alone call witnesses, present evidence and all the other normal things one would expect in a Court. Due process for men in Spain became a privilege, not a fundamental right.

What was the result? Well, what has always been the historical result when you provide people with legal immunity and incentives to lie?

The Spanish society was badly wounded, probably irreparably. In 2010, even the mainstream media had to admit to a serious problem. The most important newspapers in Spain reported that 350 false accusations of “gender violence” were made each day. This means 127,750 false accusations per year. This means that almost 130,000 innocent men went to prison for at least 48 hours, just because a woman said so.

A man named José Manuel Tome was falsely accused of “gender violence” 22 times[3]. This man was in jail once in two or three week-ends because his ex-wife simply didn’t want him having anything to do with their daughter’s upbringing.

The motives behind all of these are, and have always been, exactly what defines all of the feminists’ actions: desire to get more money and the hatred of men. Even the European Commission noticed that (and nobody can say that the European Commission is a defender of men by any means)[4]. Over 900 million euros (roughly 1.2 billion US dollars) from European taxpayers’ money have been poured into Spanish feminist programs.

A Men’s Rights advocate from Sevilla, Andalusia, stated for the Spanish mainstream media in 2010[4]:

Europe needs to investigate what is happening in Spain. Because the fight against abuse is linked to a political strategy from which much money is distributed to those who subscribe to gender ideology.

By “Europe” he means the European Commission and by “gender ideology” he means feminism. In fact, the word “feminazi” is now widely popular among Spaniards and there are very few people nowadays in Spain who refer to the ideology of hate commonly referred as “feminism” in other terms than “feminazism” or “femofascism”. The Spaniards are right.

Tatiana Torrejón from the Economic and Social Council (Consejo Económico y Social) wrote in 2008 an official report in which she openly described the fraud mechanisms that provide incentives for false allegations. But, in the seasoned feminist tradition, the report was censored[5] after a huge outcry from feminist organizations resulted in compliance from the Socialist State.

The policemen’s association (ASIGC) often talked about the fact that their main impediment when attempting to investigate a “gender violence” situation was coming from the alleged victims themselves who were often saying something along the lines of: “I don’t need the investigation – I only need to make the accusation as the lawyer instructed me”.

Eventually, several judges started refusing to be used as instruments for violation of human rights and of child abuse, and talked. Maria Sanahuja, a judge in the Barcelona (Catalonia) province, broke the silence and said it outright[6]:

The gender violence law is a disgusting violation of human rights in Spain. It is a madness that creates abuse and destroys the burden of proof. We are abusing of thousands of children, thousands of fathers, thousands of men, thousands of grandfathers. […] Even men are people!

The fact that she said that even men are people brought a genuine shit-storm on her and the feminists truly hate her guts to this day. The family judge Francisco Serrano Castro frequently called the situation in Spain “the Stalinism of gender”[7] and he had this to say on a national Spanish TV station[8]:

[Having] a penal code with different laws for different categories of persons existed in 20th century Europe only under Nazism and Stalinism. […] Illegal detentions, suicides of men – this is genocide.  Society does not realize that human rights are being violated. I fight against violence, but I also fight against what some sectors are doing to criminalize family and men.

If only we could clone Mr. Francisco Castro and Mrs. Sanahuja two or three million times and spread them worldwide, feminism would disappear in less than 6 months. Mr. Serrano paid the price for opposing the feminist viewpoint personally. In one case, the divorced father asked for access to his child to take him to a religious procession. The “special judge” from the Court of Violence Against Women was on vacation, so judge Serrano took the case temporarily and granted the father access to the child.

For that, the mother sued the judge, and she won. Serrano was penalized with 10 years suspension for violating the “rights” of a “gender violence victim.”

The feminist lobby actively opposed and attempted to prevent, through government coercion, any action be taken against parental alienation or acknowledgment of child abuse by mothers. The Spanish feminist lobby went as far as to deny that there is any child in Spain that has been abused by a mother. Fortunately enough, the Courts followed the recommendations of the European Court of Human Rights, instead of the instructions provided by the Socialist-Feminist Zapatero government.

Zapatero, the Prime Minister and the leader of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party bragged about this law and was reelected in 2008 for a second term. It seemed that men’s rights would never be addressed.

But, on July 23, 2008, a police operation saved a 13-year old child who was sodomized by a band of pedophiles. One of the arrested was the psychologist Jorge Corsi; a highly influential feminist ideologue, a member of a commission that defined the “gender violence” law, director of Specialization in Family Violence in the School of Psychology, author of 5 books and of a paper against the protection of children from parental alienation. He is now in jail with definitive sentence for child sexual abuse.

So the “father” of the ideological trash that tormented Spanish society for almost 7 years turned out to be a pedophile. Who would’ve thought?

His conviction following overwhelmingly clear evidence, amplified the outrage against the “gender violence” bullshit and “Stop feminazis!” started to appear on walls and the term “Guantanamo feminist”[9] started to be openly used in Spain, where 600 men per year committed suicide.

Since Spain is a federation, the new regional elections showed a massive decrease in support for the Left and an all-time high support for the Right. Region after region formed new governments that approved joint custody laws, although the central government tried really hard to stop them.

Finally, new general elections on November 20, 2011, allowed the Spanish citizens to vote for stopping the social and economical disaster and the party that gave power to feminists (the Left) received the biggest electoral debacle in the entire history of Spain.

Fixing things will be a long process. The Catalan Grandfather Association for Joint Custody filed a lawsuit asserting that what happened in Spain “constitutes alleged genocide crimes, crimes against humanity with inhuman and degrading treatment of citizens.” The suit asks that the allegations be “forwarded to the International Criminal Court, to proceed to appoint a special tribunal to prosecute crimes committed under the Zapatero government against more than one million citizens persecuted for being male” in view of “a political activity that incites hatred against males” and the “implementation of exceptions forbidden by the Constitution and International Treaties”.

So, basically, the feminists are facing criminal charges in The Hague, alongside all the merciless dictators of the world. The feminists’ place is in the box of the accused in such a tribunal and we hope the Spanish Men’s Rights groups win the case.

Is this a story with a happy ending? Not so fast. Just a few days ago, a Spanish politician was crushed for daring to question the feminist dogma[10]. The Left might have lost the elections and the “gender violence” law is now kept in check by the local governments, but they still have enough seats in the Parliament to block any attempt to repeal the law entirely. Moreover, the Left controls the Constitutional Court and, consequently, got their misandric law declared constitutional so abolishing it will be even more difficult. Not to mention that the media is still largely controlled by feminists so they can crush anyone who calls them out on their lies and propaganda.

Times are changing in Spain and if the MRAs from Spain don’t stop (and it’s hard to believe that they’ll stop), Spain might become the first feminist-free country this decade. The majority of the public hates them, hate their ideology and the men’s rights group from Spain actually made the mainstream media, judges, lawyers and other important figures to refer to feminists as “gender ideologues”, gender Stalinists, Guantanamo feminists and femofascists.

Ladies and gentlemen, on the behalf of AVfM, let’s congratulate the passionate men and women of Spain who have fought and keep on fighting against bigotry and Stalinist-inspired legislation that harms men, boys, families and the society as a whole. Their achievements are truly inspiring! The feminists have “The Swedish model” to promote their totalitarian view of the world but, within a few years, we might start talking about “The Spanish model” within the MRM and outside of it to promote our way of understanding the world.

Here is an excellent Danish documentary (it is in English and with English subs during the talks in Spanish)  made in 2010 regarding the „gender violence” law and the level of desperation among the Spanish men and judges that are sick of, and fed up with, feminist lies:

[8] – Judge Francisco Castro’s entire speech

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