It's not the laziness – It's the sanity

Andy Thomas (AndyMan) had a post up recently entitled “Introducing Kelly Jones and ‘Wise Misogyny'”, Ms Jones being a fascinating woman with a soothing voice and some not so soothing, penetrating insights into the general incompetence of women and the general laziness of men in dealing with such snowflakes.
Not only does Ms Jones characterize men as lazy, but she believes this indolence results in misandry:

Men have permitted women to become morons. It is the lazy man who, himself, is desirous of being as stupid and irrational as he can get away without compromising his survival, who is responsible for misandry to a large part…Men have let themselves into the shit. If they weren’t chasing skirt, playing the fool, adoring women’s idiotic frivolities and girlish sexual displays, then women would have no hold over them. But lazy men are like dogs—they believe woman is the master.

In addition to Ms. Jones, a new femtroll commenter “Kasey, aka therose202” made a lot of waves with her clueless neoteny and outsized breasts. When the discussion derailed, Ms Jones blamed not Kasey, but rather, the men who were treating her as a rational adult. So, not only are we lazy and deserving of sexual shaming for our normal desires, but we get victim-blamed as well. If Kasey weren’t there to underline some of Ms Jones’s points, it would have been necessary to invent her.
I tried to respond several times to Ms. Jones’s thesis but my comments got caught in the spam filter, so I decided to take one last shot at it and expand my comments into an article for AVfM.
Although Ms. Jones’s thesis – that men are behaving irrationally and lazily when they tolerate the incompetence and frivolous nature of women – is certainly intriguing, I believe it paints an incomplete picture of the motivations and justifications of men’s long tolerance for that crap.
I imagine that someone as skilled at Evolutionary Psychology as Karen Straughan (GirlWritesWhat) might point out that because women can articulate their pains and needs more effectively than the children in their care, men are under evolutionary pressure to heed their demands, however ill-advised those demands might me. A man who ignores his babymomma risks killing his offspring.
Every man who has ever met a woman knows that women are mercurial – their behavior and moods can shift suddenly and unpredictably for reasons that are obscure – although I believe that the notions of shit tests and the camouflage of reproductive capacity can account for a lot of it. A great example of this mercurial nature can be found in the writings of the troll Kasey herself, who wrote on a confession website that:

My emotions change on a whim. It’s ridiculous…I can be chatting happily with someone one moment, and then something could set a spark off in me that a normal person would ignore, but that starts a raging inferno of anger and disgust in me. It bloody sucks. Oh well, I guess it could be worse……

Men’s resources are limited and wasting them on a futile task is not only pointless but it short-changes more worthy and productive applications. Building the 5,000th nuclear missile that you will never use is a waste of money and titanium that would be better spent on, say, pens, commercial transportation, medical devices…
Thus, diverting limited mental and physical resources to the dubious task of trying to make women semi-competent is silly and wasteful. The supposed laziness of men has nothing to do with it.
Men also recognize that women are vindictively vengeful when slighted, and that rejecting women’s sexual advances, ignoring their attention-whoring, or calling them out on their idiocy can trigger their wrath. A principled concern for the well-being of self and loved ones also motivates men – men learn quickly that if you piss women off, even inadvertently, they will recruit other men to beat the shit out of you. This is the unlimited proxy violence that young, stupid, and pretty women have had at their disposal 24/7 since the dawn of human history – and I can prove it.
Over 4000 years ago, in the oldest surviving piece of human literature, “The Epic of Gilgamesh”, Gilgamesh (“Gil”) refuses the sexual/marital advances of the woman/goddess Ishtar, because Gil is disgusted and perhaps even fearful of Ishtar’s brutality to other men. Ishtar recognizes the truth and justice in Gil’s charges but she nevertheless enlists her father’s help to seek vengeance on Gil. As a result, many suffer and die, including Gil’s beloved friend Enkidu.
As a man, if you don’t learn to walk on eggshells when the harpy starts waving her “guns” (proxy male defenders) around, you are as doomed today as you were in ancient Mesopotamia.
Just ask the gentle, loving Kasey herself:

I occasionally like to fantasise [sic] about how I would murder people I despise (especially cheaters). Is this bad? There’ve been some pretty messed up thoughts…like in one, I imagined throwing them into a plane engine like that one guy in lost…in another I imagined stabbing them multiple times in places that would kill them slowly…

Characterizing men’s understanding of these real and potent threats as “lazy” is a stunning intellectual blindness that can only be characterized as, um, Dumb? Shortsighted? Sloppy? Suicidal?
I do so hope Ms Jones can look past these mean-spirited, judgmental terms to see the deeper truth they reveal. “Men” don’t decide things – a man does, and then another and another, one at a time. Outside of the M(H)RM, it is rare for men to discuss their fears and concerns in any open fashion – and when we dare to broach these subjects, we often get hammered for it. We just don’t share and bond in that way like women do, and projecting the women’s hen party group think onto men is ludicrous as patriarchy theory.
Now, having ripped away at them, I do hope we hear more from Ms Jones and a lot less from the violent neophyte Kasey. Oh, and for you younger, lustier guys – Kasey sleeps with her shy twin sister. And shame on you, or whatever.

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