University of North Carolina and misandry

In researching the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill alleged rape case of Landen Gambill, I came across a Youtube video from student journalist at Carolina Week which was released on February 27 of 2013. While subtle, it clearly shows how Misandry in education and at the University of North Carolina rears it’s ugly head. In the video below, we are interested in only the beginning lasting 2 minutes and 47 seconds.
As shown, the opening 2 minutes and 10 seconds is devoted to an alleged female rape victim who as of this writing has yet to provide any evidence of a rape to university officials or local police and is actually being admonished for her intimidating conduct on the accused after the university found that no rape had occurred. Additionally, Carolina Week went out of it’s way to note several rallies that are taking place in her honor. At the 2 minute and 17 second mark, we hear about a dead male student who died of suspicious causes. And finally, at the 2 minute and 32 second mark we learn about the death of a female student in which a local well known award winning band is doing everything to keep her memory alive.
Further commentary from A Voice For Men continues below this video.
While subtle, this video from University of North Carolina student journalist clearly outlines bias and Misandry in how the university and students approach issues on campus as it relates to men.
For female students, we get rallies and bands honoring their memories.
For male students, we get nothing.
So in honor of the young man who was found dead recently at UNC of suspicious causes, A voice for Men wants to do what apparently the University of North Carolina student journalist refuses to do — extend a hand of sympathy to friends and family of Stedman Gage. We also express our dismay that the the gender ideologues at UNC barely saw fit to mention his untimely passing.
Of course, we must get back to what is important here, because the DEATH of a male student around suspicious causes (as in yet to be determined) pales in comparison to a unsubstantiated rape of a female (as in determined) who has decided to make her case on the global Internet and surround herself with feminists at UNC instead of working with law enforcement.
Perhaps, but not at A Voice For Men.
Misandry in NC

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: A Voice For Men Is Watching For Further Bias and Misandry

In honor of men at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill who do not get afforded the opportunity to have rallies upon their death, A Voice For Men is calling for University Officials to immediately fund a council that researches the history of men and Misandry (and yes, we do mean in a positive light), as well as providing a course in Men’s Studies for students. Of course, this is being asked for in the name of equality for which feminist have asked for going on many decades now.
Second, A Voice For Men, given that the University of North Carolina has identified and found that a male student is being harassed and intimidated by a female student who is calling him a rapist on campus, feels that it is appropriate that the University consult with their attorney and consider having University police arrest Ms. Gambill on Domestic Violence charges given their past domestic involvement. If UNC is not aware of the definition of Domestic Violence as outlined by the NC Bar Association, we will be happy to provide them with said pamphlet that clearly outlines harassment as Domestic Violence. Also, the University should review federal VAWA legislation in help with guidance in this matter.
Third, A Voice For Men is asking that the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill work with us in filing a federal Title IX action against Ms. Gambill in the name of men and boys (future students who may be harassed on campus) so that they can be free from being intimidated and called rapists for no reason.
A Voice For Men is asking that the University of North Carolina Women’s Studies program invite Dr. Warren Farrell to give a talk on the failure of young boys to launch so that women can help their young sons navigate these troubled waters. Additionally, we ask that the University provide ample security for Dr. Farrell and attendants to this lecture as in the past another university has attempted to stifle Dr Farrell’s free speech using violence and derogatory assembly. Lastly, we ask that Women’s Studies denounce Misandry publicly as this is a cause of great concern for women who have Fathers, Husbands, Brothers, and Sons.
A Voice For Men is asking the University of North Carolina Women’s Studies professors to consult University administrators about the possibility of the Women’s basketball team in wearing patches during it’s next season to honor in prostate cancer research which affects so many Women’s fathers, brothers, sons, and friends.
A Voice For Men is asking that the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill begin to institute a program that calls for 8 hours of counseling for all female students who engage in sexual intercourse with men who have had more than two drinks, even if they provide consent. In cases where women continue to engage in sexual activity with men who have had two or more alcoholic drinks after counseling, we ask that you refer the matter to Chapel Hill police for a possible rape investigation.
A Voice For Men asks that Joanne Hershfield, Program Chair for Women’s Studies at the University of North Carolina, contact Paul Elam, Dean of Student Affairs at FTSU, and begin collaboration on further advances in gender equality between men and women at the University.
A Voice For Men is asking Joanne Hershfield and the Women’s Studies program at UNC to pilot a program in the North Carolina legislature that studies the effectiveness of equally shared parenting after a divorce so that children will have the benefit of both parents and we can end the systematic gender inequality that exists for men in the family courts. However, equally important, this will allow NC children to also have shared access to their grandmothers, female siblings, step-mothers, and aunts that provide so much for children as equal extended family members instead of visitors.
In regards to the Violence Against Womens Act (VAWA), we surmise that Joanne Hershfield and other professors in the Women’s Studies program at UNC are aligned with A Voice For Men as it relates to the recent reauthorization of VAWA. In the essence of gender equality, we ask Ms. Hershfield to contact Paul Elam so that we can work together in a more reasonable approach to Domestic Violence that is evidenced based and free of gender ideology. We feel sure that Joanne Hershfield has spent several sleeplessness nights lately fretting over the fact that if the roles were reversed in the Landen Gambill case and he was engaging in slander and liable of her on the public Internet, he would have been imprisoned while she isn’t.
Furthermore, the Landen Gambill case, Jodi Arias case, and Crystal Mangum (Duke Lacross) outlines the need to remove the stigmatization of men in that they are the only gender capable of serious bodily injury, murder, and intimidation in domestic relationships. This of course, needs to be done in the vein of gender equality for which the ladies at the University of North Carolina Women’s Studies program has worked so hard for the past century.
Also, A Voice For Men asks that Joanne Hershfield publicly assure Women who have Sons that the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will not tolerate Women who accuse their sons of rape when they have no evidence of it, and speak out on rallies that enable this type of behavior.
Of course, readers of A Voice For Men are encouraged to contact Joanne Hershfield directly using her email address and share this article with her in an effort to start this dialogue.
And, as always, A Voice For Men invites University of North Carolina Male students and the Women who love them to extensively share this article with others using the popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to help spread the message of Misandry in public education.
In an effort to continue this dialogue, using the comment section below, we would love to hear from Fathers and Mothers who may be concerned about sending their Sons to the University of North Carolina for fear that women will use the global Internet to call them rapist even when law enforcement and the University has found no evidence of rape, and who will refuse to honor your sons in the event of their untimely death while at school while women are afforded this.

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