Counting Down Till Tuesday…Again


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First, let me offer up another sincere thank you to everyone who made the first broadcast of A Voice for Men Radio by all measures, a complete success. The show went well, both Keyster and I learned some lessons, and we are prepared to make the show even better as we go along.

Apparently, though, we did pretty well for a first effort. Angry Harry had the following to say on his website after he listened to the first broadcast:

In the old days of this website, I used to talk a great deal about the importance of creating and deploying ‘cognitive cluster bombs’ to destroy feminism; i.e. memes that were so powerful  that they would inevitably spread and, eventually, explode in the faces of feminists and those who supported them.

And I, myself, have spent a long time now trying to construct such cognitive cluster bombs – which I mostly deliver via this website.

But not exclusively!

Well, I think that Paul Elam has probably just launched a cognitive nuclear weapon with his radio show.

It’s that good.

And I think that its impact is going to be huge.

Allow me to gloat for a moment, while hopefully remembering that I far from did this alone. Thing is, I have never made a secret of the fact that I regard Harry with such positive feeling that it borders on worship.  And I want to say now that having that kind of review from the man literally means more to be by far than would a Peabody Award.

OK, Paul, enough bragging, now earn your keep!

Show two is now less than 48 hours away.  And in it we are going to bitch slap the domestic violence industry.  (That remark alone should get me into one of Futrelle’s famously obtuse “articles”.)

A couple of pre-show notes. One, there is going to be less pre-recorded stuff and more live work. Two, while the show is typically supposed to be one hour, I will remain for up to two hours if listener calls demand it. And three, from now on, the phones will be open to all. Fembots, manginas and white knights included.

A brief recap of the show performance for your information is also in order. The first show had 484 live listeners, over 150 chat room participants and has been accessed through the archives since Tuesday for a total of 3,771 listens.  That last number is going up by 10-20 listens per hour since the embeddable player has now found its way to this front page, The Spearhead, and other relevant sites.

Considering the average small market radio show is more than happy with 10,000 listeners, I am more than encouraged with that start. We expect this thing will grow in the future.

And sorry, but I have to briefly tap at donations again, particularly small donations on a recurring monthly basis. Truth is, to look at this long term we have to ask for that cash. It’s a five spot per month and up to become a regular supporter, so hopefully it won’t cut in to the car note.

Also, if you have not registered for the show, please do.  It is not required to listen to it, but it does help significantly with spreading the word and maintaining listeners.

As always, when Tuesday night gets here, CALL THE SHOW AND BE HEARD!!

Finally, Factory has put his considerable talents to work again by updating the AVfM Radio promotional poster, enhancing the visibility of the show times, and including GMT for international listeners.

Here it is.  And get those BINGO cards ready. We’ll see you Tuesday!



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