Time to Piss Off a Few Brothers

By Paul Elam

We have a fine line to walk here sometimes and I will be the first to admit that I lack the wisdom to know the right answer to every situation.  But whether I have that wisdom or not, I still have the responsibility for this site and for the investment made by so many people in what is happening here.

That being said, I am in all likelihood going to piss a couple of people off with this post. Thankfully I am pretty sure it will only be a couple.

Let me put this in my typical tactless fashion.

The woman bashing that has been on the rise in comments has to stop.

Here’s the deal guys.  I have asserted from the beginning that this site will never shy from exploring the dark side of the modern feminine psyche.  I do that with what I think is an abandon that sometimes pushes the envelope.  I invite anyone to do more of the same.

But here’s the other deal. There is a difference between open and thoughtful analysis and gratuitous insults that serve no instructive or intellectual purpose.  At least there is a difference to me, and as arrogant as it might sound that is still what matters here. My name is on all this stuff.

Let me say publicly something I know I have said before. Much of the work that I have been able to take the time for in this cause over the past several years is directly due to a woman carrying extra burdens so I could do so. It has resulted in a far less than extravagant standard of living.

I also look at the offerings on these pages by the likes of Dr. Tara Palmatier, Uma Challa, Izzey, Hestia and Jessica Wilcox and I am thankful as hell for what they do. I feel certain of one thing that will give us even more momentum is women of good conscious who stand beside us, taking the same insults and derogation that we do, in order to further the truth, for us, and for the son’s of our culture.

I ask everyone respectfully to consider that while posting. I do not discount the pain and anger of the men who visit here. But neither do I support the use of that pain to extract revenge on the innocent.

I want to support as much free speech as I can, but I also refuse to become a hypocrite by condemning misandry while providing an environment where it is open season on anyone who happens to be female.

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