Vladek Filler back in the news

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Since we started AVfM we have never used the feature section to run links to other news stories. Today is an exception.  Most of you will be well aware of the saga of Vladek Filler, the Ellsworth, Maine man who was completely railroaded by the corrupt prosecutor’s office that employs Mary Kellett.

Filler was prosecuted, convicted, had the conviction overturned due to prosecutorial misconduct, was retried and then acquitted of sexual assault charges stemming from a false allegation from his then wife, Ligia Filler. That false accusation was knowingly prosecuted by Kellett, who violated numerous legal canons in the process.

The story is back in the news today, with reporting on Kellett’s upcoming hearing at the Maine Bar of Overseers for prosecutorial conduct.  What you will read at the link below is only part of the story.  There will be more to come on this travesty of justice in the coming weeks, here at AVfM and on AVfM Radio.

Bangor Daily News Story.


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