Femitheist Divine suicide

Publisher’s note: This article was written after Krista Jane Heflin faked her suicide. Nonetheless this was my reaction to her assumed death by her own hand.

Five days ago in Minneapolis, Minnesota a 20 year old woman, Krista Jane Heflin, took her own life with a gunshot.  It appears, though we do not have 100% confirmation, that this is the same person who went by the name Femitheist Divine on a blog and on a Youtube Channel; a hateful and clearly disturbed individual, who, like scores of other similar persons, found refuge in radical feminism.

The events preceding her death were marked by a significant amount of public conflict with MRAs. She came under accurate and well-deserved fire for making posts that advocated murder, supported gendercide, eugenics and other forms of virulent misandry; the trademarks of both radical feminism and psychopathology; two barely discernible things.

Much will be made of that conflict. In fact, I assume we can all start the countdown till the first feminist or sycophant blog post comes out blaming the MRM, especially this site and its readers, for her self-destruction. Rather than try to understand her demise, and prevent more like it, they will simply exploit the suicide in a sick game of futrelian one-upmanship. They will pile on her corpse and pick her bones clean like vultures in order to enable the same kind of hate she expressed on her blog and in her videos, and to blame the people that would stop that hate peddling if they could.

One has to wonder why society does not see a man or woman who holds such hateful views and wishes for the extermination of half the world’s population as a potential threat to themselves and others. How is it that views like hers, when wrapped up in feminism, are somehow not seen for what they are, the ranting of a lunatic who should have a proper psychiatric evaluation, not a YouTube channel and blog?

There are few certainties that will ever emerge from this story, other than the fact that a misdirected, mentally ill kid wound up on a slab in the morgue. Another is that a two year old girl is now without a mother. We can only hope that the child winds up with better, more stable parenting than she would have ever gotten from Femitheist Divine. I won’t even bother asking, or trying to deduce, where the father is in this picture.

I have three hopes in this screwed up mess of human tragedy. One is that we always remember that Krista Jane Heflin is dead because of Krista Jane Heflin. She chose to die as surely as she chose to hate and call for the deaths of others. Feminists are gearing up now to crow otherwise. Let them crow and attack their words head on with everything you have.

Also, MRAs need to remember what happened when one of our brothers became despondent and made plans to end his life recently. We pulled together to help him, even as we witnessed feminists celebrating his despondency and trying to goad him into taking his life. For pity’s sake, people, let’s leave them as the sole inhabitants of that low ground. They are much more at home there than we are.

The last thing is that we mustn’t fail to see the similarities between Femitheist Divine and the women who inhabit dens of violent insanity like Radfem Hub.

When we try to understand the depravity of people who would murder half the human race, who would seek to engineer us like strains of corn to fit their Utopian ideals, who would throw young boys through windows to their deaths and selectively abort on the basis of sex, we can get a clear picture of who they are through Feminist Divine’s articulate and concise self-diagnosis as a borderline personality disorder.

I don’t know if anyone could have helped this young woman. She was devastatingly sick and possibly beyond reaching. But the real problem is that this type of person does not always limit their violence to the self-inflicted variety. Heflin threatened to harm her child before taking her own life. If she had, it would not have been the first time something like that happened. These individuals are dangerous by their very nature.

That is why it is so important that we continue to confront virulent misandry and to educate the public about personality disorders and how to deal with them.

We probably don’t write about it near as much as we should, but there is a clear link between BPD/NPD and phenomena like Radfem Hub. Indeed those traits are a familiar theme throughout “mainstream” feminist establishment.

I am not blaming the death of this woman on feminism. I will leave that sort of disingenuousness to the likes of Tory Shepherd. But what I will say without reservation is that the closer you look at modern feminist ideology and personality disorders the more you see they are woven together in a fabric of human pathology. Tory Shepherd is just another Krista Jane Heflin with a stronger will to survive, and more ability to harm others in the name of a virulent cause.

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