Has feminism gone too far? A debate

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Date: 23 September 2012 3 PM PST

Location: 1315 East Hastings Street, East Vancouver, B.C.

A Father’s Story[1] and A Voice for Men presenting:

Has feminism gone too far?

YOU are invited to answer that question. Yes it has, or no, it has not.

That is the question asked in September of 2012, by a woman of integrity and courage. She posited this question as the premise of a public debate. It was to be discussed by three individuals from the contention that yes, feminism has gone too far, and three individuals arguing that no, feminism has not gone too far.

Unfortunately, following the announcement of this scheduled debate on the social networking site Facebook, that woman was rewarded for her attempt at public discussion by a torrent of abuse and threats. Some individuals apparently did not want a debate. Not only did they not want to participate, they wanted nobody else to either. Under the weight of abuse and threats, that woman whose integrity and courage moved her to propose a public discussion – cancelled the event.

Understandable as the cancellation was, it was also disappointing. But there’s good news.

The debate is back on!

With very special thanks to the East Vancouver Debating Society, A Father’s Story [1] and A Voice for Men will be presenting the re-scheduled debate: “Has feminism gone too far?”

Chris Marshal the manager of CC Motors will be graciously hosting this event at his business CC Motor Cars[2] – where his concept on business is that a good deal is one where buyer and seller is happy.

The debate will be held on Sunday 23 September 2012, 3PM at 1315 Hastings St in East Vancouver, B.C.

The debate format will be three speakers presenting arguments affirming the debate proposition and three speakers presenting arguments against the proposition. Each speaker will have 5 minutes to present an opening argument, alternating between for- and against postions. Following opening arguments, each speaker will have 5 minutes to address presented arguments. A third round of discussion will allow 3 minutes to address counter arguments, and final statements will be formatted within 3 minutes per speaker, for a total of four rounds of discussion for all speakers.

Following the scheduled debate, speakers will address questions and commentary from audience and observers for 55 minutes.

The debate will be moderated by a controller – and recorded on video to be shared online in full.

Note, this event is intended as civilized, civil, and friendly discussion, and sharing of views. Although individuals may feel very strongly about their own positions, participants and audience members will be expected to behave with cordiality, and courtesy.

A Facebook page for the event has been created here.

To participate as a speaker or to inquire about attendance – please email questions and commentary to events@avoiceformen.com

[1] http://www.afathersstory.ca/
[2] http://cccarsales.ca


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