Not so long ago I read a post by an MRA who frequents this site and his name is Merlin.

The post briefly told of a story about this man’s brother and a hell he’s now in. A hell whipped up by his girlfriend.

There was nothing earth shattering about the story, in fact it was particularly mild when set against the backdrop of a landslide of other stories where men die in great numbers all about us in dangerous jobs, preventable suicide and in the terrible fog of war.

Still, I cannot escape the fact that when I read it it galvanised me and I had absolutely no idea why. I say I had no idea but when I realised exactly why it held my attention it floored me with it’s simplicity.

I’m going to tell you about that, but before I do let’s hear the story itself. Of course for reasons of politeness and respect It’s edited for leanness only. I have taken very few words out and I have added nothing or rearranged the order of anything.

Here is what Merlin wrote to me:

…my brother was on holiday with the girlfriend and two children. At the time, one of the boys was walking and one was in need of a pushchair as we call them or baby stroller…

They went to a nearby town using an old motor home that my brother had renovated, and set up camp on some site out of the way in the country. He said they had been into town and had used a taxi to get there, leaving the motor home set-up at the site. After a sunny afternoon in a pub garden they left to return back. There was an argument brewing, when my brother pointed out that he thought it was only fair that his girlfriend pay for the taxi fare back to the site, as he’d been dipping in his pocket all the time.

Knowing his girlfriend as I do, I wasn’t surprised that she decided to have a tantrum over this request. Apparently she got into a rage about it, saying she had no intention of paying, and proceeded to storm off, saying that she could quite easily take the kids away from him and disappear.

My brother panicked at this blackmail, and I know she has quick vicious little mouth on her, so I didn’t doubt what my brother was saying.  To stop her from storming off he grabbed for the pushchair and held onto it while trying to calm her. She lashed out at him pushing him off and a struggled ensued. Because she was now fighting, my brother went to push her away defending himself, but unfortunately a “White Knight” was standing some distance away and decided it was my brother being the big bad ogre. An argument there you could say, that before he called up the police, he should have found out what was going on first. My brother then spends the night and part of the next day in a cell.

Sneaky bitch went back to the site via taxi to collect up some things and went home. I say sneaky bitch, because after my brother was released, I went to pick him up from town and take him back to the site for his motor home. After a check or two he found his keys and noticed the house key was missing. She’d deliberately taken the house key so he couldn’t get in.

My brother went back to the family home and I returned home. Later on that afternoon I received a call from a rather distressed brother. He told me he’d gone back only to have her come to the door and refuse him entry. She basically made a scene right there on the doorstep and suggested she was too scared for him to be there. My brother rang the police, simply unaware that his position was very fragile to say the least. The police arrived and my brother suggesting she was being the unreasonable one proceeded to explain. The police did try to suggest that my brother was allowed back into his own home, but the bitch made another scene didn’t she, playing the “I’m afraid for my safety right now” card. The police then turned back to my brother and said that he had to go, and if he didn’t go there and then he would be arrested again.

…It became very clear to me she’s had this all planned. You just have a feel for these things, and I know the type of bitch she really is. Later my brother told me that she had already sent off papers to the social security office, to set up and independent lifestyle that didn’t involve my brother in any way. Consequently my brother took out a six month lease on another place to home himself. Bizarrely, he seems to still want her in his life despite all she’s put him through. Part of that is definitely because of his kids…he said he couldn’t bear the thought of them being round someone else they looked upon as daddy. I can understand that, but I can’t understand him wanting anything more to do with her, considering all the foul stunts she’s pulled on him. Personally, I’ve never really liked her, I saw right through her many years ago for the spoiled, false entitlement, pussy pass bitch she is.

When I first read this in my email box I was no more or less interested in this story than I was before. It’s a shocking story for those directly involved, but what was it that had me thinking about it like there was something special or unique about it?

I could not figure it out and so I read it again.. and then two more times just to see if the answer would emerge. I hoped the answer would come to me and it did the next day.

The amazing thing for me about this story is that it’s completely “unamazing”. That’s right, there is nothing about this story that would make the front page of any MSM outlet, idea for a book or film, song or catchphrase. Truth be told this is situation normal and there is no fire.

If you call yourself an MRA, a feminist, a nihilist… anything at all in fact, it doesn’t matter because you personally have seen something very similar to the outcome of this story. The outcome where an innocent man gets shafted.

The only good from a story like this being the norm is that the critical mass of understanding will be reached faster. If one out of every few house on your street starts to burn do you really think that none of the occupants are dyed in the wool feminists with significant others who are male?

You tell me with glazed eyes that you have not seen anything like this and I tell you with eyes glazed that you lie.

You just lied to me.

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