Pamela O’Shaughnessy exposed

Two lives examined.

At first glance, they would appear to be two entirely different people on two entirely different paths in life. In the first case we see a person rich in successes; a bestselling author of legal thrillers for a powerhouse publishing firm and a graduate of prestigious law school who enjoyed a lucrative legal career. Add published poet to that list of accolades.

In the other person we find someone obsessed with matters much more dark; a blogger with a small but growing audience, whose driving motivation appears to be an agenda of bigotry and intentional harm, conducted from the shadows of calculated anonymity.

A comparison of these two individuals reveals more than just coincidental similarity. Indeed, they appear to be one in the same person.

Pamela O’Shaughnessy, who co-authors legal thrillers with her sister Mary for Simon and Schuster under the pseudonym Perri O’Shaughnessy, is a Harvard grad who practiced law for 16 years.

She is also, according to the preponderance of available evidence, Vliet Tiptree, a self-identified radical feminist blogger whose writings suggest a desire to promote extralegal efforts to genetically modify the male half of the human race in order to correct what she calls the “[B]light [that] diseases the trunk of our species’ existence…”

Of additional concern with Tiptree’s writings is a message of recruitment and organization intended to further her agenda with help from other likeminded ideologues.

Although some elements of her writing are cryptic, her justification and strategy emerge clearly within the text of an article she wrote on a blog called Radical Hub. Tiptree tacitly or directly concludes the following:

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  • That masculinity, by its nature, is a human social pathogen requiring “extirpation.”
  • That the various incarnations of feminism previously thought to ameliorate the “problem” have actually been absorbed and diluted by patriarchy, which she now refers to as “the system.”
  • That biochemical alteration of men, as a collective, is a feasible means to address the problem.
  • That end means and goals, along with scientific capability, should serve as the guiding rationale and compass for future actions, not human morality or rule of law.
  • That radical feminists, free of social and legal constraints, must now secretly organize to further these ideas under the auspices of eradicating women’s oppression.


Readers of the radical feminist blog demonstrate the sentiments Tiptree’s writing appears intended to inspire. Comments include advocacy for killing all male infants upon birth, and the establishment of a system of sexual apartheid where males are exiled from the community at age 6.

But the core of Tiptree’s “solution,” as articulated in her article and echoed by her readers, is eugenics.

Or, as she opines:

As to what that cure may be, my best bet is that what’s wrong with men is that their androgens need genetic modification. I’m serious about this. If we can do it with corn, men ought to be easy.

This idea, that of equivalence between human beings and an agricultural product, was quickly embraced by one of her readers.

[I] think that if we are going to be intellectually honest always, and commit to going to the ends of our thoughts, we cannot take anything off the table. and that includes biology, and biological explanations for mens sickening behavior. And if this turns out to be the case, then to consider a biological solution. we must consider this.


The method that Tiptree uses to guide readers to these kinds of conclusions is simple and effective. She first presents historical acts of violence, including vandalism and arson committed by fringe elements of the suffrage movement, and characterized those things as “as radical as it had to be.”

She further rationalizes that any modern feminist activities working in the framework of the current system are ineffectual; that modern liberated women are actually “brainwashed through the use of social controls into using these rights not for our own benefit, but to continue propping up our own oppression.”

Tiptree leaves no room for anything legal or in concert with non-radical activism – and offers eugenics, secretly fostered by a well-placed, anonymous group of ideologues, as the answer.

The evidence that Pamela O’Shaughnessy and Vliet Tiptree are the same person is circumstantial, but compelling.

Tiptree identifies herself in her Radical Hub piece with the following:

Let me briefly describe my background: a hard-working girlhood without much protection in East Los Angeles, California; the feminist ferment of the 1970?s; a first professional job as a civil rights investigator for the federal government; law school; working as an affirmative action coordinator at several universities and colleges; practicing employment discrimination law along with criminal and civil litigation; marriage, motherhood, divorce; becoming a writer of novels and poetry as my second career.

Pamela O’Shaughnessy is from California, attended law school, was married, divorced and is a mother in the same age range that would put her as a young woman in the 1970’s. She was a civil rights investigator for the federal government, worked at a law firm in criminal litigation, and also writes novels and poetry as a second career.

This information was taken from her online bio, which you can read here: Perri O’Shaughnessy – Bio.

Note, the bio provided is a .pdf taken from an online cache. Her current bio has been taken down “for maintenance,” since her activities began to be addressed on this website.

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Tiptree appears to have another online identity under the screen name, Autonomyisdestiny. That identity is publicly connected to Vliet Tiptree, in, among other places, an online feminist publication called Bitch Magazine.

Autonomyisdestiny also revealed more personal information in another online forum, The Critical Poet. In it she posted a piece of poetry that she informed readers was a eulogy to her brother, who was formerly a workers comp attorney in Salinas Valley, California.

Pamela O’Shaughnessy’s brother, Patrick, was a workers compensation attorney in Salinas Valley, California. He passed away in 2004.

In another post at The Critical Poet, Autonomyisdestiny makes reference to having a sister named Meg.

In Pamela O’Shaughnessy’s now removed bio, she identifies several family members, including a sister named Meg.

In a perhaps curious revelation made during a promotional interview with O’Shaughnessy, she revealed that the protagonist in her works of fiction often worked outside the limits of the law. View here.

There are other aspects to this case that further indicate that Vliet Tiptree and Pamela O’Shaughnessy are one in the same person. More of that information will be revealed as this this story unfolds in the future.

The question now is what precisely to do about it.  Complaints have been filed with the service where the Radical Hub site is hosted, as the content of the article in question is clearly in violation of their terms of service.  Thus far, the blog remains up with the article in question. There will be other continuous and escalating efforts from this website and perhaps others to uncover what appears to be the development of a dangerous plan.

It must be asked, of course, whether it is even possible for a group of ideologues to follow through with this type of plan.  At least on the level of their current machinations it would appear unlikely, but the potential for innocent people being harmed by possibly overzealous followers seems quite clear.

One question at this point that is yet to be answered is whether the publishing house of Simon and Schuster is aware of the activities of Pamela O’Shaughnessy, or if it matters. After all, even Mein Kampf had a publisher.  But perhaps they will be sensitive to public outrage. Concerned individuals may contact them here:

1230 Avenue of the Americas  New York, NY 10020
(212) 698-7000

or by email here, to voice their concerns.

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