Daddy Justice, otherwise known as Ben Vonderheide, has once again shined the light on yet another corrupt public official.

Judge Kelly S. Ballentine was elected to Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County’s southeast district judge seat in 2006. In the approximately 6 years she has been in the trusted and venerated position of district justice, she has committed at least 12 criminal acts.

According to the York Daily News:

Ballentine is charged with six counts of tampering with public records, three counts of restricted activities due to a conflict of interest and three counts of obstruction of the administration of law.

Ballentine is accused of dismissing three tickets issued to her by police. Two were for allegedly parking illegally and another was for an alleged vehicle registration offense.

Ballentine, 43, dismissed a parking ticket and an expired-registration ticket in December 2010 and a parking ticket in January 2011, according to the affidavit.

City police Officer Thomas Gjurich placed tickets on Ballentine’s BMW sedan three times in November 2010 when it was parked outside her home, according to the affidavit.

The $268.50 she owed on the three tickets was never paid, according to the affidavit.

On the citations, “it was Kelly Ballentine’s handwriting dismissing them,” an agent with the attorney general’s office writes in the affidavit.

According to the state Judicial Conduct Board’s rules, district judges should disqualify themselves in proceedings in which they are a party.


The information reported in mainstream news outlets is only the tip of the iceberg. Mr. Vonderheide began his independent investigation of Judge Ballentine in May 2006 after she railroaded him with the Lancaster police department. Mr. Vonderheide and his associate, Ron Harper, Jr. (a private investigator), discovered the first of many abuses of power Judge Ballentine has committed in her illustrious career on the bench. The first incident involved her then boyfriend, convicted cocaine dealer, Terence J. Mitchell. At the time, Mr. Mitchell was 28-years old and Judge Ballentine was 37.

In the early morning hours of New Year’s Day 2005-2006, Mr. Mitchell and his passenger, girlfriend Judge Ballentine, were pulled over by the Lancaster police. The police discovered a concealed loaded gun under Mr. Mitchell’s car seat and he was arrested.

Ballentine - Busted

While Mr. Mitchell was en route to jail, Judge Ballentine called the city police, went to the station and took responsibility for her cocaine dealing boyfriend’s 9mm Luger and hollow point bullets. She then arranged a get out of jail free card for Mr. Mitchell.

Judge Ballentine also appears to be a false rape accuser.

In 2010, Judge Ballentine accused a man of breaking into her home and of attempting to rape her. In May 2011, a jury found the accused man not guilty. The accused had been sitting in jail since his arrest date, July 17, 2010, time that he will never get back.

Upon hearing the verdict, the plaintiff, Judge Ballentine, became belligerent and shouted obscenities at the jury, at which point she had to be subdued and physically removed from the courtroom by deputies and her family. According to Mr. Vonderheide, Ms. Ballentine removed one of her shoes and threw it at the jury whilst repeatedly dropping F-bombs. Imagine if a plaintiff had done so in her courtroom. My guess is the offending individual would’ve been jailed for contempt. This did not happen to Judge Ballentine.

According to Lancaster Online:

The jury of nine women and three men returned their verdicts just before noon on Wednesday after deliberating seven hours over two days.

Ballentine reacted in disgust and was physically removed from the courtroom by family members and deputy sheriffs.

“You all let him do that to me and it’s supposed to be OK!” she screamed on her way out the door.

“Get off of me!” she told supporters who tried to calm her.

Plata showed no reaction and sat with his hands on his lap when the verdicts were announced.

Prosecutor Randall L. Miller and defense lawyer George N. Marros also did not react.

“They believed, as we thought, he was invited in,” Marros said outside the courtroom. “Either she let him in, or told him to come over.”

Here’s the Daddy Justice video that documents his investigation of Judge Ballentine, which concludes with her arraignment yesterday, February 13, 2012.

Ballentine Busted from Ben Vonderheide on Vimeo.

Perhaps I’m wrong, but shouldn’t individuals holding the position of judge, either through election or appointment, be in possession of a thorough understanding of the law and in possession of good judgement. How are “we the people” supposed to trust and respect a judge, man or woman, who exercises such poor personal judgment (e.g., a convicted cocaine dealer boyfriend; false rape accuser; dismissing her own traffic violations)?

Here’s the real kicker, Judge Ballentine has not been removed from the bench as of yet. According to the Mail Online, Judge Ballentine is on paid leave while the 9 felony charges are “resolved.” If Judge Ballentine is allowed to continue to sit on the bench it will be a disgrace.

Do the right thing Pennsylvania and treat this woman as you would any other criminal and let her serve as an example to other corrupt judges, otherwise your justice system will be nothing more than a farce at best. Keystone cops indeed.

Mr. Vonderheide’s brand of activism might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he sure gets things done. Mr. Vonderheide will be joining me and my special guest co-host, Paul Elam of AVfM, this Monday, February 20, 2012 at 9pm EST to discuss this case and his continued crusade against corrupt officials, including corrupt family court officials. Go, Ben, go!

Here’s a link to Mr. Vonderheide’s last appearance on Shrink4Men Radio

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