Esneda Ruiz Cataño, Colombian Black Widow – 2013

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Today we present the latest addition to our collection of Black Widow Serial Killers. The widow Ruiz is also featured the our roguess’s gallery of images, Female Serial Killers of the 21st Century (it is shocking how many people think female serial killers do not exist).



On January 29, 2013 45-year-old Esneda Ruiz Cataño was arrested Ebéjico, in Antioquia, Colombia, on the suspicion of murdering three husbands, each of them stabbed to death, in 2001, 2006 and 2010. The media has dubbed her “The Predator” (“La deepredafora”). Ruiz collected life insurance payments following each death.

Police Col. Fernando Restrepo Espinosa told local media: “This woman, by deception, seduced men and convinced them to take out life insurance where she was the sole beneficiary.” He said agents had been tracking Ruiz for more than two years, adding: “We realized the lady had murdered her three husbands in the same way: with a cut to the neck.”

Husband #1: Juan Pablo Aristizábal, 33, died in 2001 in the town of Rionegro. The widow scored $8,445 and a lifetime pension.

Husband #2: José Johany Valencia, 42, died in 2006, in Medellin. He was stabbed in the neck by two men, presumably acting on the wife’s behalf.

Husband #3: Miguel Ángel Veleño García, died from a stab in the neck in 2010, also in Medellin. She was expecting to rake in $40,000 in insurance money, but the insurer became suspicious and contacted police, who conducted an exhaustive investigation of Ruiz’s background.

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