Manboobz earns his name

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There is a group of feminists who have set up a pro-violence subreddit and modeled it to appear to be MRA owned and operated.

r/beatingwomen was set up by some of the same people that brought us r/SRS, an openly anti human rights group of feminists who have attempted to attack the MRM for some time. Some of you I am sure will remember the self-imploding SPLC fiasco comparing MRA’s to mass murderers, and that it blew up in their face.

Apparently not getting enough attention from the new subreddit, they have decided to up the ante. I followed an email link sent to me today there for the first time, and was treated to an image of me in the side bar, with the supposed quote from me “Best Subreddit of the Year.”

It is clear that since they are able to convince fewer and fewer people that MRA’s are the kind of human garbage they accuse us of being, they have become the caricatures they paint of us, and indeed have begun using our names in order to mislead the public about the MRM.

Aside from once again proving to be dishonest, bad actors, another little tidbit has surfaced in the midst of things, courtesy of Agent Orange, who contacted JtO today with a piece of intel about the subreddit.

It appears to be the work, if not the brainchild, of our one and only David Futrelle. And as fate and outreach would have it, yet another source that will remain anonymous, confirms the same information.

I know that some of you might be asking, “Damn Paul, why give this clown the attention his dysfunctional parents chose not to give?”  And it is a valid thought, but we still have an opportunity here.

Since every move these clowns make is something we can use, then the question becomes how to best use this.  I am thinking we expose them and shut them down.

We already know they are cowards. I made a single comment about them using my name and photograph and within minutes they took it down, replaced “Paul Elam” with “Dr. Paul” and used an “artistic” likeness of me. This lets me know they don’t have the spine to be doxed and outed, which we will also do.

To all of them.

Agent Orange is already in, as is at least one other.  Further word is coming.

In the meantime, contacting reddit, for those interested, with complaints about the pro-violence nature of the offending subreddit would be in order. I don’t suggest you bother telling the SPLC. Except perhaps, after the fact, as an object lesson.


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