Winnipeg shames and blames men for violence

Did you know that men can stop violence against women? According to the Broadway Neighbourhood Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, they can and they are going to show them, and us, how.
The Canadian Federal Government has offered $198,960 worth of funding to a new 24-month program called “Engaging Boys and Men to End Violence Against Women” which will begin this fall.
The Federal Government is funding a program that completely ignores any and all men who are domestically abused, and to add insult to injury, this program will be teaching men that they are solely responsible for violence and that it is they who have to change their ways in order to save these abused women.
Yes folks, this is where your hard earned tax dollars are being spent. Don’t you just feel all warm and fuzzy inside? I know I do, or it may just be gas… But I digress.
The program is “taking a new path toward a solution to an old problem,” said the project’s co-ordinator Jodie Layne, 23. She will lead the program based out of the BNC and told CTV:

“We are so excited about this program. We often teach women how to react to violence, but we don’t teach men not to create violence in the first place. It’s such an obvious solution but not one that has been widely implemented.”

This is absolutely false. The idea that men and boys are the sole perpetrators of violence and the only ones who can stop violence has been around for decades. It has been forcefully thrown in men and boy’s faces for the past several years. Recently the message has been ramped up and forced into our collective faces via outlets such as the media, education, and politics. The message has become a silent sub-text to our daily lives, and the sad part is, many believe it to be true; that men truly are violent and abusive, and only by taming the savage animal can there be peace.
The program will involve 15 boys and young men aged 15 to 25 from community partner groups in the BNC’s area who will participate in educational sessions twice per week and then take the information from the course to their communities to teach others.
The program will involve “boys and young men who are willing to make the commitment to the course and spread the word through their peer groups, local schools and community centres.”
The course curriculum is being built over the next few months, using the expertise from groups such as Status of Women Manitoba and local researchers.
This so-called “expertise” is nothing more than a group of feminists, who in typical fashion, sit around pointing fingers at men all day and accusing them for all women’s ills. For this reason, little trust should be placed in the statistics trotted out by this group, or in any recommendations that these supposed “researchers” are going to present for the proposed curriculum.
Layne was quoted as saying:

“We’re going to be finding people who are still young and still forming their ideas, their roles in their communities and families as men. By getting them when they are starting to define those roles and what their ideas of masculinity are and how that plays into their behaviours, hopefully we can help them not develop any problem behaviours and share that information.”

In other words, get them while they are young enough to be easily indoctrinated into the propaganda and outright bullshit that feminist ideology pushes under the guise of “research” and “statistics”.
The BNC board of directors, president Darrell Horn and BNC executive director Lawrence Mulhall, will oversee the program, which they say is “a natural extension” of other youth intervention/prevention programs run out of the centre.
“This is a little beyond the scope of sticks and balls and skipping ropes that are the community-centre paradigm,” Horn said. “We hope this is another step in the direction of long-term, sustainable, meaningful interventions that have taken on serious issues in our community.”

“This program is directed at young men and it is about violence against women and that recognizes this is a problem that goes beyond the obvious. We have to start looking upstream, beyond what we think are the root causes. This is a huge step in the right direction.”

No it is not a step in the right direction. It is the same direction that feminists have been marching in for decades; the man-blaming, man-shaming, and propaganda-spreading direction that seeks to marginalize and vilify all men while allowing the few small and weak minded women who propagate such outright lies and half-truths to abdicate any personal responsibility and remain petulant children.
Layne said the new program is “recognizing violence against women is a community issue, not just a women’s issue.”

“We want them (men) to be able to say, ‘Dude, that’s not cool,’ and take that message into the community.”

No, you want men to shoulder all the blame for violence and ignore the fact that it is men who have a higher probability of being victims of violence than women, and that the statistics clearly show that both men and women experience domestic abuse at about the same rate.
What kind of generation are we now raising? We teach our girls to grow up to be irresponsible card carrying victims who will be fearful of men, and we teach our boys to devalue themselves so they can grow up to be self-loathing and constantly apologetic for things they will likely never do.
We allow this to happen, and it needs to stop. There needs to be a massive public outcry to wake people up and get them to realize that vilifying men and boys is not going to stop violence of any kind. In fact it has the danger of going in the exact opposite direction. If you constantly tell someone they are bad, then one day they will believe it and act accordingly. And is that the kind of world we want to live in? A world where men and boys give up? A world where we have removed the heart and soul from half the population?
I personally refuse to live in that kind of world, and why I will never give up the fight for men and boys to be respected, heard, and treated with equality. As all human beings should be.

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