Toronto Protest Up-To-Date Coverage

There will be a good deal of video available on the University of Toronto protest in the coming days. As more video is produced, it will be updated to this page.

AVFM Coverage:

FSAC Coverage:

From 18Upper

From St37One:

From EqualityCanadaTV:

From StudioBrule:

From Dean Esmay:

From Genderratic(a historical comparison):

From John the Other(John Hembling):

From The Amazing Atheist — great video by TJ till he stuck his foot in it at the end and suggested “The MRA thing is over.” Not only a weak move (he could not even look at the camera while he said it) but hypocritical. TJ has always taken the same exact stand about feminists that we have.

Ryersonian Live Feed:

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