The most important video you will watch this week

Sometimes, usually when a video is really good, I break our normal formatting and post it here with the featured articles. This time I am doing it because the video is not only good, but very important.

It comes from DannyboyCdnMRA over on youtube. It documents his intereaction with the office of the Attorney General of Ontario in regard to the complete lack of services for men who are abused by their spouses.

If you want to help, please sub to his channel and and pass this video around everywhere. Danny is working diligently, on his own, to bring needed attention to this serious problem.

If you are from the Ontario area, perhaps you could make contact with him and join his work on this project. I am sure he will be willing to update us with more videos like this one as more happens. MRA’s are now organizing and meeting on the ground in Vancouver with JtO, which is a great example of us moving to the next, needed stop.

The work Danny is doing in Ontairio could use the same kind of support. Please help him. Thanks PE

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