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Evidence suggests the feminist movement is part of a larger strategy to divide and conquer the general population. It is a hate movement, so we cannot ignore it. Neither can we simply employ the tactics common to mass movements because our real adversaries are simply too powerful. So our activist campaigns need to be flexible and thrifty, but they should also be fun.

Feminists have a lot of fun. Oh, they act angry and outraged. They cry and wail and pout and carry on. But beneath it all is a large measure of glee.

In protest marches, interviews, books, articles, pamphlets, flyers and blogs, they take zero responsibility for much of anything, but blame all of women’s burdens on men, and then cackle and crow when men are made to jump and cower like henpecked husbands.

Whenever they bitch and complain, the MSM and lawmakers indulge in collective hand wringing and make it their mission to save women from the barbarian hoards of men. But their crusades are not meant for all women. Religious women, libertarian and conservative women, independent, self-reliant and competent women who do not seek victim status but strive to succeed on their own terms don’t count. Only feminist victims matter. At least on the left.

On the right where Victorian views often prevail and male sexuality is considered a lurid weed that infests the sweet gardens of womanly innocence and taints the delicate flowers of feminine virtue, the white knights are ever ready to condemn the actions of men. Anything for a chance to be hailed, no matter how briefly, as a hero, for that is the fantasy boys learn, to seek female adoration through violence employed in heroic endeavors.

Oh, for just one chance to confront the stereotypical sexist jerks that according to the movies haunt every bar so we can knock them down and chase them out and then bask in the fawning adoration of the beset upon women whose virtue we rescued. Yes, rescued from the thugs, but not from us, for they will then cast their virtue aside as a reward for our bravery. That’s the myth.

Really, you would think most men would have wised up by now to the fact that there are more white knight wannabes than jerks. And human sexuality being what it is, in places where such scenes unfold the woman, at the end of the night, is far more likely to go home with the jerk than the knight. After which, if she follows the feminist script she will claim her drunken night of rhapsodic revelry was really rape, and thus will her virtue be restored.

Not that she ever lost it, of course! We would never call her a slut, oh no, because we would not want to invite angry mobs of scantily clad women to gather and march down the streets of our neighborhoods. Are you kidding me? Of course we would. It would be like a free show!

Yet politicians treat such antics as serious discourse and legislate to alleviate every feminist complaint no matter how trivial, misandrous or insane. What could be more fun than that? For sane people, a lot, but unfortunately they’ve got us surrounded and their backers are powerful.

From the Seneca Falls Women’s Rights Convention in 1848 to the establishment of the Ms. Foundation in 1973 to the present, American feminists have enjoyed the support of powerful members of the elite, whose purpose it appears is to keep the masses distracted and divided and, thereby, to keep us under their control. To this end, the feminist movement has been most effective.

Whether feminism started as a hate movement is a subject of debate. But by the late 1980s the dominant theme had definitely taken a turn for the dark side. This was perhaps never more clearly demonstrated than by Shere Hite’s 1987 book, Women and Love. The title of her book said the subject was love, but throughout the pages that followed what she documented could only be described as hate, and to this day I still think of the book as Women Who Hate, by Sheer Hate.

Regardless of when, exactly, feminism shifted focus from equal opportunities for women to female supremacy and male subjugation, by the late 1990s it had become obvious that they were getting strong support from the wealthy and political elite, and that they were being used as pawns to undermine the family and impoverish the middleclass.

Fathers who were kept busy fighting for the right to be fathers, and men struggling not to suffocate beneath the fear and loathing of male sexuality that settled like a toxic cloud to taint every aspect of western culture, coupled with the countless diversions from gaming to sports to porn available on a thousand cable channels and a million websites were too distracted to notice the inflation eating away at our currencies. EZ credit hid the loss of purchasing power, and so hundreds of millions became slaves to debt.

Chris Duane documents this in terms that are easy for the generations who grew up with the Internet to understand, and unlike most who talk about this he notes the role feminists played. I will talk more about his efforts later. But there were many who gave warning decades ago, the most famous perhaps being Ron Paul. From feminism to the creeping erosion of our civil liberties to the fiat currencies that destroyed the middle class-a growing number of people who think of themselves as middle class are gradually waking up to the fact that they are not-it is all about dominance and control.

We might be tempted to dismiss this as a conspiracy theory, but after witnessing the blatant cronyism that is enriching the banksters at public expense, and in the States the laws that have rendered the US Constitution into little more than a now-meaningless historical artifact, is it really so hard to believe? The Patriot Act was only the beginning.

President Obama won the lawsuit over the provision in the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that allows the White House to indefinitely detain citizens without cause. The National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order (NDRP), which has been described as one of the biggest power grabs in history, gives unprecedented emergency powers to the White House. Right now the White House is working on another executive order to take control of the Internet. And the rationale used by Chief Justice John Roberts to decide in favor of the Individual Mandate in the Affordable Care Act by calling it a tax, gives the government the power to tax noncompliance, which effectively allows Congress to impose any kind of behavior they want. Conceivably, we could see the day when each American man is required to pay their spouse or girlfriend “wages for house work,” and those who don’t comply because they do not have a wife or girlfriend will be taxed for it.

The feminist hate movement’s war on men is just one part of a larger assault on our freedom, civil liberties and the family. The feminist fear-mongers are merely puppets of people who are far more powerful…and dangerous. What, then, can we do? Before answering that question, we need to set our goals. What do we hope to accomplish?

Among factions of the MRM are some who believe patriarchy to be a natural part of the human condition. Therefore, they oppose women’s liberation and believe the man should always be dominant and women belong in the home. In decades past, that view held more credence in the father’s rights movement, which has led to a sometimes uneasy alliance between the FRM and MRM. But a single proposition might unite us, one that is fundamental to our contemporary view of liberty: freedom. The belief that every individual, male or female, should be free to make their own choices and to exercise those choices as far as their aptitude, abilities, determination and efforts will take them.

On a normal distribution curve of typical human choices, most women will gravitate toward investing less of their time in career and more family, while most men will gravitate toward emphasizing career above relationships. Some men and women, however, are better suited to and more inclined by their disposition, intelligence and abilities to make choices more typical of the opposite sex and they should be free to make those choices. This was the ideal millions believed were fundamental to feminism. As it turned out, we were wrong. But it is a goal worthy of the men’s equalitarian movement.

Feminists, in one of their more bazaar displays of twisted logic, shrilly condemn as sexist MRAs who support equal freedom to choose, as John the Other’s recent experiences with AVfM’s posters demonstrate. No doubt, any increase in our efforts will be met with amplified attacks from the hate-male campaign, heightened resistance from the elite in the form of more restrictive laws, more onerous restrictions on our freedoms, and more pervasive condemnations that are as false as they are loud. These work against us.

The deteriorating global economy, on the other hand, can work in our favor. Revenue shortfalls will force governments to cut back on many programs, including those that supplant the male protector and provider roles. But opposition will remain fierce. So any MRAs who engage in the tactics common to mass movements, such as protest marches, posters, passing out pamphlets and even running websites like AVfM, Backlash, GWW, NCFM, Reddit, Spearhead and even Tom Leykis should be prepared for severe retaliation, including arrest, prison time, fines, job loss, loss of property and possibly worse.

Where does that leave us?

First, it is important to cultivate popular support. Demonstrations like Slut Walk and angry mobs like the Take Back the Night marches will not serve us. But good natured humor and fun can be our friends. In his seminal book, The True Believer, Eric Hoffer wrote, “Mass movements can rise and spread without belief in a God, but never without belief in a devil.” To consolidate their political gains feminists had to sustain their movement by fomenting hate. Without it, their movement would have petered out decades ago. We do not want to go down that road. We do not want the MRM to become a hate movement. But we have to recognize that accentuating the positive all by itself is insufficient and would be doomed to fail. Thus, we have to focus on the negative, too. But we can do it with humor rather than hatred. As I wrote several years ago, we should look for opportunities to “laugh like men at the New Rage women.”

This has great precedent. Jonathan Swift is famous for writing Gulliver’s Travels. He was also an essayist who wrote frequently about the social problems of the day, like the “Irish Problem.” Almost everything he wrote on that topic is of little interest, today. But most of us have at least heard of the biting satire he employed in his infamous essay, A Modest Proposal, in which he suggested that the Irish eat their young. The “Irish Problem” persisted, but few polemics had the impact of Swift’s political satire, and we can learn from his example.

Where the feminists have “Take Back the Night” marches, MRAs might hold “Take Back the Night Life” marches. “What do we want? To bogey! When do we want it? Now!” The character Al Bundy from Married With Children had “No Ma’am,” and there is now a No Ma’am blog. Similar tongue-in-cheek efforts could include PC Seldom’s Network to Eliminate Vaginally Elitist Rabble (NEVER). The slogans: “It’s NOW or NEVER” and “Not NOW!”

Other possible slogans?

Feminist Hate is Not Cost-Effective.

I wasn’t staring at your breasts. Why would I want to?

No I wasn’t raping you with my eyes, I was just trying to remember where I left my potassium nitrate.

A woman needs a feminist like a fish needs an enema.

A Man’s Body, A Man’s Life, A Man’s Money, A Man’s Choice.

I’ll pay for your pill when you pay for my beer.

Equal Work for Equal Pay.

Equal Time for Equal Crimes.

Sticks and Stones May Break Men’s Bones, but Only Words can Victimize a Feminist Forever

Math is Hard – Blaming Men is Easy.

Okay, I’m humor impaired, not very good at this and I may have stolen some of those, but you get the idea.

We also need to continue what so many of you are doing already to educate the public and create networks of fair-minded people who are fed up. Some of us already get into a lot of trouble simply for writing the truth, and aren’t willing to take it to the next level and get ourselves arrested in acts of civil disobedience. And that’s fine. A movement cannot progress without activists, but it cannot survive without advocates.

Finally, as I wrote a while back, we should all get rich. No, I’m not a gadfly spouting nonsense, I’m very serious about this, and spend several hours every week gathering and posting links on my backlash site to articles by financial and investment writers and analysts who give away a good 90 percent of their knowledge and information, and who sometimes even come right out and tell you the name of stocks that might very well make you rich. Not “pump n’ dumps” stocks, either, but legitimate investments. Nor even just stocks. The prices of gold and especially silver are poised to go much higher. In fact, in his Sons of Liberty Academy series, Chris Duane argues that a time may come when you cannot buy silver with dollars at any price. He also makes a compelling case for why a time may come when you will be able to buy more than 40 acres of high quality rural property for only one ounce of silver. And so I strongly encourage you to go to YouTube and watch everything on the TruthNeverTold channel, and to enroll in his Academy. It’s free.

We have very good reasons to focus on getting rich. Aside from the obvious–life is usually more comfortable, fun and secure when you’re rich–being rich would provide us with the means to finance campaigns to counter the feminist hate and anti-male sexism. Think of all the programs on TV that promote negative stereotypes of men and the bias in the news media. Briefly, Spike TV held the hint of a promise to counter all of that. But it turned out to be just another distraction. What could we do to remedy that? Assuming that the Internet remains free enough–and in the US, Congress keeps trying to pass laws to take that away from us–we can use the decentralized nature of the web to overwhelm feminist hate content with something better.

There have been efforts to bring something better to television, like Aaron Sorkin’s Studio 60, Joss Whedon’s Firefly and Shawn Ryan’s Lie To Me. All three portrayed women and men as basically decent human beings, and they celebrated real masculinity. Lie To Me even portrayed the lead character as a divorced dad dealing with sometimes difficult custody issues. Studio 60 and Firefly were cancelled after only one season. Lie To Me managed to hang on for three. All three shows defied politically correct orthodoxy, portrayed real masculinity in a positive light, and spit in the eye of the political elite. Assuming the web remains free enough, we could produce and “air” shows on the web that would not be subject to cancellation for not serving the interests of the powerful elite.

This is important. As wealthy activists we can mount large scale campaigns in the culture war and extend our reach to every feminist infestation. Where their goal is domination, ours is liberation. Where they malign and beat down, we enlighten and lift up. And where they only berate, we will also celebrate.

To those of us who have been paying attention, the war on men is but one front in a larger war on the middleclass, on freedom and liberty, and the effort to make us all slaves to debt. To counter this will require demonstrations and outreach, but we should be smart about it. We need to know and understand the full horror and true nature of the battle in which we are engaged. And to adequately respond, we should work to increase our wealth. So I urge you to visit Chris Duane’s TruthNeverTold channel on YouTube. Of course, I would be happy if you visited my backlash site, where I post between 30 and 90 new links almost every day on politics, gender issues, health and getting wealthy. But if I could recommend only two sites, they would be AVfM and the Sons of Liberty Academy as the best to equip you to mount an effective campaign and to win the war of which most people are still largely unaware.

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