’s publisher Mike LaSalle made the announcement yesterday that MND is shutting down operations as of the end of this month. After nine years as the flagship of the men’s movement online, an important voice will fall silent, marking an end to an era in the men’s movement.

Any way you look at it we are taking a hit. MND reaches over a million people a year and was the only men’s movement website indexed by Google News.

Like I have read in a lot of the comments and emails I have gotten already, I am saddened by this development and sincerely wish that another path had been taken. But this isn’t, IMO, a time for hindsight- or for armchair quarterbacking.

Mike LaSalle is to be commended for nine years of dedicated, largely unparalleled service. He certainly has my thanks for all he has done.  And in response to many of the anticipated questions that will arise, I can say without hesitation that there is nothing under the surface of these events of a darker political nature.  Mike needed a change of direction and went for it.  Wherever he is going, I hope he arrives in style.

But now, it is simply time to move on. As Mike alluded to in his article, the men’s movement is first and foremost a shift in consciousness. It is the process of men revising self perception and their ideas of the world around them, sometimes one painful bit of insight at a time. With or without MND, this is a process already happening, and I dare say that the operations of one website don’t have any real significant impact on the big picture.

In fact, if Angry Harry, Glenn Sacks, The Spearhead and this site were to all shut down today, others would fill the void and this “movement,” for lack of a better word, would continue to trudge slowly forward.

Men are changing because they have to change to survive, and we are not dependent on any one entity to facilitate our efforts.

We can’t afford to be.

If there is anything to be immediately gleaned from all this, it is that for however long any of you are out there posting comments, writing articles, running blogs or -most importantly- refusing to be complicit with feminist governance and female hegemony, you are as valuable as Mike LaSalle. And if you grow tired or burned out, which is completely understandable, there will be someone to lift their voice after you take your leave.

I used scare quotes around the word movement because I think what we are really talking about here is a simple dialog. It is a conversation about ourselves, about women, and about our collective condition in this world.

That conversation will continue, and the number of men involved will increase.

Personally, I have every intention of doing what I do till I pass from this world, but if that were to happen today, some other voice for men would rise up and shake the rafters even harder.

This train ain’t stopping for nothing or no one.

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