Revolutionary Students Movement calls for violence

With the recent events surrounding the University of Toronto and CAFE’s lectures about men’s rights/issues, there has been a significant call to action from feminists and their supporters such as the Revolutionary Students Movement (RSM) to “condemn and physically challenge” men’s rights activists.

“We cannot tolerate this reactionary [MRA] point-of-view! The MRAs must be exposed for what they really are—at best, opportunistic hate-mongers who are taking advantage of the powerlessness keenly felt by the masses. At worst, they represent the most reactive, backward voices within the masses. As such, they need to be verbally condemned as well as physically challenged.”

This is indeed a call to verbally and physically assault men’s rights supporters and activists. The irony here is that they have not “exposed” any men’s rights activists, but they have done a good job at exposing themselves as advocates of verbal and physical violence.

Not only have they managed to expose themselves as advocates of violence, they have also exposed themselves as a hate movement. Again the irony is rife and reeks of abject stupidity. If you are wondering what stupidity smells like, it’s mostly a combination of body odor and incense with a high note of fear.

Their comparison of men’s rights activists to the KKK in the article is ludicrous

“The KKK, like the MRAs, also construed itself as ‘victims’.”

It does nothing but demonstrate that the RSM is an ill-informed bunch of brainwashed sheep who have bought into the feminist propaganda bullshit.

The problem is that groups like the RSM and their supporters are incapable of anything other than thuggery and see violence as the only answer. These are people who are incapable of any rational thought process and have been blinded by a dangerous ideology, quite like suicide bombers who believe their violence and self sacrifice will gain them praise and honor.

This is the reason that caution and vigilance is required when dealing with these people. They have no problem with inflicting harm and engaging in violence for their cause. They have condemned all men’s rights supporters and activists and labeled them as the evil enemy that must be destroyed. basically at any cost.

“the underworld of misogynists has been unleashed.”

They will stop at nothing to vilify us and skew public perception to their advantage. They encourage hatred towards all men’s rights supporters and activists with their propaganda, just as any totalitarian regime does.

“men’s rights activist [sic]and the organizations they politically affiliate themselves with hold other anti-modern, proto-fascist sentiments such as opposition to same sex marriage, immigration, women in the workplace and the economic advancement of non-white citizens.”

The irony in the quote above is that men’s rights supporters and activists are “proto-fascists”, yet it is groups like the RSM who are the ones acting like dictators and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism, militarism, and form of racism which one could accurately attribute to hate groups such as the KKK, who incites and condones bias-motivated violence.

These individuals are unbalanced and dangerous. They may be good for a laugh when you read their blogs or articles, but make no mistake. These people are as rational as a potato and are basically only capable of violently lashing out to defend their ideology because their arguments and talking points are weak.

When you have no rational argument or facts to stand on, brute force and violence are the only things left in your arsenal. They will provoke us in any attempt to incite violence and use that provocation to justify acts of violence towards us.

We can never give in and feed their desire for violence. We must stand strong and stare their hatred of us in the face. We must never raise our fists in either anger or defiance. We must remember that our strength comes from our ability to separate ourselves from those that advocate and promote violence, and that together we have become a powerful force that has never used violence and yet has been able to strike absolute fear into the hearts of those that seek to silence us.

That is power.



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