Pwning men’s human rights critics

We already featured this in our video section but we liked it so much we wanted to put it on the front page. If you haven’t watched the above video yet, you really need to do so, and enjoy every minute of its glory.

Some hopelessly confused, fact-deprived dorks at CIActivist recently made one of the dumbest videos on men’s human rights issues we’ve ever seen. After literally decades of this work, that is no small feat–it was genuinely impressive in its thundering stupidity and monumentally willful, Titanic ignorance. It was so dumb it was not even annoying, it was pretty much laugh-out-loud funny it was so stupid. CIActivist looked about as smart as the people in this parody video.

My own personal message to Ryjin Vander Hoek: as someone who fully supports the legalization of marijuana, I understand you’re also a pro-legalization advocate. Great. Please keep doing that, it’s insane that we put people in jail for pot. But I have to tell you: you need to lay off the bong, dude. Oh my God you were so stupid you literally made everyone watching your video dumber.

Wait, maybe I need to take it back and tell you to suck on the bong harder, because with critics like you we’re only going to do better and better in our mission. And the truth is? You were better than our average critic. So you’ve got that going for you. Well done!

Anyway, the guys at Men’s Rights Edmonton have put up the perfect response (see above) to your thunderingly clodfooted video. Since you unsurprisingly disabled all ratings and comment on your own silly video (and it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if you eventually just plain remove your video critical of the Men’s Human Rights Movement because you’re so embarrassed by it), we’ll invite you and anyone else who wants to comment on it here.

Oh, and to the Men’s Rights Edmonton guys? Solidarity brothers, this is your finest work to date. You just keep getting better. More, more!

*Update* I would like to indulge myself with my own, much shorter, response to Ryjin Vander Hoek and most of our other critics:

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