Oz to launch false accusation app

In one of the most brilliant and compelling rape hysteria propaganda bits I have seen since the odious term “rape culture,” was coined, Australia’s Centre Against Sexual Assault (ACASA) has just announced that it will be launching a free app, ostensibly designed to help police evaluate patterns of crime against women.

A more complete description, provided by theage.com.au, puts it in crystal clear language:


The new app will allow users to use their mobile phone to anonymously post details about threatening sexual behaviour, including the time and place it occurred and a description of alleged offenders. The data collected will then be given to police.

There now, all comfy?

What this amounts to is an accusation app, placed in the hands of anonymous women, who have no responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy of the information they report. Its potential for abuse is overwhelming, a concern acknowledged, and shamefully dismissed by ACASA branch head Carolyn Worth.

”We’ll only refer incidents that have similar times, locations and descriptions,” she said. ”Police still need evidence.”

Right. So someone would have to use the app against a person two or three times to put an innocent man in the hot seat. Of course, that would never happen. Right, Carolyn?


I will not dwell on the obvious blatant sexism of efforts to only address crimes against one sex, or the implied endorsement of violence targeting males. Given the pernicious nature of this initiative,  we are obviously  past any point of civil dialog on the basics of sexism.

This is an anonymising system, engineered to profile and legally harass the members of one group. If there ever were something of such blatantly designed for Orwellian mis-use, deserving to be undermined, FTSU style, this is it.

On the suggestion of JtO, I encourage all Australians to download this app, as soon as it becomes available, and to flood it with erroneous information. In fact, make abuse of the app a daily ritual in your life. Australian men and women who value their own human rights, as well as those of their neighbors are advised to organize through facebook or other social media, and also advised to attack the innocent, both men and women, by coordinated profiling with this free, anonymising application.

Remember, there are no controls over this information. You can profile anyone you want. I suggest starting with Carolyn Worth. Profile your dog. If his name happens to be Michael Flood, all the better. Hell, I don’t care, profile me. Just hammer them with false reports till it completely pollutes all the data they are gathering.

Don’t fall for the lie that this is about protecting women, or any other Australian citizen. It is about creating license for state functionaries, on the say so of anyone, whether a victim or just someone with a vendetta, to undermine the rights of male citizens in Oz and to create more propaganda to be used in fundraising efforts for outfits like ACASA.

But you do not have to let them enjoy the use of this irresponsible technology without serious problems. Just 10 citizens making a few reports a week, will completely pooch their already screwed-up data.

We do not yet know of the viability of citizens in other countries joining in on this but will find out and report back. If we can undermine their efforts from across the planet, by all means let us do it, with insistency and purpose.

It is up to you. Make abusing this app in different ways a part of your daily routine as an MRA. Just a couple of thousand concocted reports (much like many of the “legit” ones surely coming in) per year and we can effectively make this program more hassle than it is worth.

For those of you concerned about the false accusation flavor of this, just take them at their word that this is only about trends and not individuals. If they are lying about that, it is not your problem.

This program is Orwellian in the most literal understanding of the word. It is up to you to do something about it.

As far as we have been able to ascertain, there is nothing illegal in our actions, and no way to stop it from happening. AVfM will be tracking developments in this case and doing everything we possible can to undermine the use of this app to target innocent men. That means the app has to GO.


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