More footage of Queen’s Park Toronto rally

Men’s Rights Edmonton had an arguably unwise but very funny discussion with the “Bash Back” reactionaries who were there to disrupt the Men and Boys in Crisis rally in Queen’s Park on September 28th of this year. When I saw Nick jump in there I ran to make sure he was OK and asked a few annoyed questions of my own, but then we were asked to leave and so we politely did just that.

Once again we see one or two of the reactionary anti-men protestors trying to be reasonable, which is a nice sign, even as they were completely drowned out by their more obnoxious and fascistic (and one apparently outright communist) friends.

In the meantime, in the aftermath of the event, Attila Vinczer (who you will be hearing a lot more from here on AVfM in the coming weeks and months and, hopefully, years) had a nice talk in the aftermath of this historic event… and so did his son.

Thanks to Men’s Rights Edmonton for the first video and to Shawn Sutherland and his unnamed camera-gurney assistant for the second two videos, as well as the video I did with Girl Writes What on the same day.

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