Men's human rights Australia: Barry Williams

In the wake of the wonderful news that misandrist Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been fired from her job as head of the Australian government, it seems a perfect time to introduce you all to the most amazing Australian you never heard of: Barry Williams.
A few weeks ago I interviewed Barry for the Domestic Violence Revelations with Erin Pizzey show. However the interview ran far longer than I intended–he was just that fascinating–and we have not wound up using it in Erin’s show yet. I instead put it on my YouTube channel with the intention of writing up an article and putting it here on A Voice for Men instead, whenever I managed to have time to write it, so I could explain to everybody why you should find this man interesting.
Why should you find Barry Williams interesting? Well listen to this interview and you’ll see. We talk about his history of being a victim of domestic violence, a single father raising multiple children without any support from the government or his violent alcoholic wife, supporting those kids by himself even after sustaining a crippling injury, his improved relationships later on in life with his children’s mother, his history of doing a hunger strike in front of Parliament House in Canberra there in the Australian Capital Territory, his interactions with multiple Australian Prime Ministers and other government ministers and opposition leaders over the last 40 years, the organization he built called the Lone Fathers Association, his lifelong efforts to help battered men, his being the only registered Federal lobbyist in Australia who speaks to men’s issues, how the Australian government treats men and boys today versus decades ago, his work with various government ministers and opposition party leaders, his work with various court magistrates and officials, and more. His Lone Fathers Association may just be the largest and most successful men’s aid society in the world, even though they continue to struggle to find any recognition or support.
But here, listen to our interview and see for yourself:

The funny thing about Barry is just how disarming he is. When you talk to him, he sort of comes off as a genial, slightly rambly, moderately incoherent guy who’s just a little out of his depth.
I said he comes off that way.
In reality, once you actually start listening to the man, he’s as smart as anyone you’ll ever come across who works on men’s and boys’ issues, and he has accomplished more in this area than anyone I have ever met. When you start listening to his story, and what he’s accomplished over the last four decades, and what he’s still doing, you’ll be completely humbled: it is entirely possible that no one in the world has done more to help men and boys than this one man. And no, I’m not exaggerating in the slightest.
Barry is so disarming and so offhand in his manner of speaking, I did not even notice just how much he was saying while I was talking to him. It was only in going back and editing the interview for clarity and reviewing it a second time that I noticed his amazing habit of making seemingly offhand comments, when he was actually rattling off four or five absolutely fascinating bits of history and factual information at once, in a virtual blizzard of information and insights. You could write a book about everything he says in this interview. Indeed, I recommend listening to this interview once, then, thinking about it a bit, and going back to listen to it again. You may even want to take notes. This is a man who’s known multiple Australian Prime Ministers, has received awards and recognition from the President of the United States and the heads of other governments, and he talks to you like he’s just some bloke having a beer and discussing the latest football match on television.
It is arguable that today’s men’s movement stands on the shoulders of giants like Barry Williams, and it is important that we recognize, honor, and yes, even revere them.
I post this interview today in celebration of the ousting of one of the most hateful politicians of our time, former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard. May she keep her promise to resign from government entirely, and may she never come back. In response to this great news, I called Barry early this morning American time (late last evening Australian time) for his reaction to Gillard’s ousting, and while Barry is strictly nonpartisan and tries hard to work with members of any and all government officials regardless of party, he has some blunt assessments of the Gillard government’s treatment of men and boys, and how her Labour Party has stacked up next to their primary opposition, the Liberals. You’ll want to listen to this interview too; Labour politicians should note that Barry may be telling you why your party’s in trouble, and Liberal politicians may want to listen and notice what can happen to you if you allow hateful feminist ideology to bully and intimidate your party:

Beyond that, all I have to say is:
Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oy! Oy! Oy!

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