Judge Pirro slams women’s violence against men

Judge Pirro addresses female perpetrator: “I’ve heard enough! I’ve heard too many cases of either men being stabbed or killed by women. Men don’t want to talk about it, or they just think that it is something that will go away. It will not go away.”

To male victim: “The next beating is going to be worse than the last beating. Men are less likely to report the violence due to embarrassment or the assumption that others won’t believe you, but I believe you! I believe you.”

To female perpetrator: “I have never seen a police report more blatant in terms of the pride you take for assaulting someone. What planet are you from?! You keep doing this and you’re going to end up in State prison – and maybe that’s exactly where you belong. You don’t take out your anger and physically abuse another human being – man or woman…. you should get your tail out of here and hide your face.”

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