Facebook continues political censorship

Facebook, who recently made the announcement that it was going to tighten up its standards of removing material posted to their website determined to be “hate speech” or that trivialized or glorified violence or hatred based on sex, has now more clearly demonstrated their actual intentions.
Just yesterday the social media platform removed an image posted to the Facebook fan page for A Voice for Men. It was an infographic that addressed the notion of “rape culture” and the “1 in 4” rape statistic, in part by citing the actual number of reported rapes at three major United States universities. There was nothing about the image that violated the site’s terms of service, but nonetheless it was removed, I was informed, due to violating “community standards.”
Today, another image was removed. This time a meme that called attention to the fact that in many cases where women kill, ideologues from the domestic violence grievance industry attach themselves to the case and move to alter public opinion and judicial outcome to paint the perpetrator as a victim.
It is a matter worthy of public discussion, as the Jodi Arias case amply demonstrated, which I initiated on the fan page with a meme. It was just removed for violating community standards.
See here.
As you can see, the meme is purely a matter of critiquing feminism. It in no way violates Facebook community standards, nor does it fall under the kinds of expression that Facebook claimed it was going to be addressing in their new campaign against hate speech and violence against women.
What it is, in fact, is a meme calling attention to one of the ways in society we mishandle violence in the legal system.
Here is the rub, folks. We are going to continue to address this matter in the ways that we can. We will remain a voice that will point to Facebook’s now obviously organized effort to silence dissent against feminism.
Victor Zen is working with a team of many in our forums on other aspects of this case involving the government funding of some of these ideologues. Additionally, I am asking you now, as I did yesterday, to make a copy of this image and post it to your Facebook accounts and fan pages. (note: be sure to change the image name, as it appears they are tracking the stuff by filename).
But there is another matter I want to address, though it may agitate a few in this crowd.
My political leanings are generally libertarian, with some exceptions. I am a small government, pro-accountability anti-statist, even as I don’t discuss it much within the pages of this site. I figure we don’t need the divisions of me injecting my political views into the discussion.
But right now by everything holy I just want to grab the next person who thinks “collectivism” is the only evil we are facing and shove them off the nearest cliff. I hope when they hit bottom they will land next to a left-wing ideologue that deserves to be there with them.
In a world governed more by a corporatocracy than anything else, Facebook is like a small country. Companies like Google and Yahoo and Youtube have the power of political regimes; the power to preserve free speech, or to end it.
They have the platform to give the MHRM robust, ever growing momentum as a part of the free and open exchange of ideas, or to simply kill it.
You are witnessing now, as Facebook morphs toward a dictatorship in the online world, the potential for our future silencing.
How long before WAM announces their concerns for all the “misogyny” happening on YouTube, and our own GWW finds a muzzle being fitted over her mouth?
After she is gone, will the last pathetic whimper we hear from right wing MRAs on YouTube be “It’s the collectivists!” just before they, too, find concerns about “community standards” where their channels used to be?
Folks, we got a hell of a battle ahead of us; one that is on enough fronts to be discouraging and more than a little daunting.
What we are fighting here is the pernicious, multi-headed beast of gynocentrism. It is not JUST a left wing enemy. It can’t be summed up with easy to interpret sound bites like “statist” and “collectivist” and if you think it can you are being simple-minded enough to feed the fucking beast.
I know, I am preaching; something I spend time criticizing others for doing. You will have to forgive me for the transgression in this case and even if you don’t I am not going to stop.
The fight that AVFM has been picking for four years is now at our door. Now is not the time to argue politics or to divide ourselves up over religion or any other set of ideas. The only hope we have is to fight the enemy wherever we find it; with whatever tools we have; in any way that we can; and to do it together.
I urge everyone interested to contact anyone they can think of who might be interested in this case, up to and including the ACLU. Contact political blogs on both sides. Contact social liberals and conservatives. After all, in one way or another everyone is on the list that will eventually be considered under “community standards,” the in war to protect feminist thought from scrutiny.
If you have ever written me a “thank you” for doing the work I do, then help us get this done. If you have ever posted a comment that you are angry about what is happening with men and boys, then help us get this done. Don’t ask what you can do, just get busy. If you are interested in helping you should be able to compose your own mail list in less than 20 minutes and get busy contacting people. It will take you even less time to copy and paste your efforts to the comments here.
Spread this article like it was free candy. Make your voice heard because if you don’t do it now, there literally may not be a tomorrow.
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