Angry Harry on ICMI14

As I said in the panel discussion that concluded AVfM’s First International Conference on Men’s Issues, Angry Harry is the one individual who showed us, long before most ever dreamed of it, just how powerful the Internet would become in the battle to bring consciousness of men’s rights into the public arena. He was right as rain, and we all owe him a huge debt for his brilliance and forward thinking.

This makes me especially proud to announce that Harry has begun a regular podcast series on the men’s movement, which he plans to do about once every fortnight (for us Texans, that’s two weeks).

In this inaugural broadcast, Harry considers the significance of the recent International Conference on Men’s Issues, some corrective historical perspective on such a conference, and some invaluable advice for how MRAs can make sure that what happened last week actually becomes a pivotal moment in our history.

I cannot strongly enough suggest that we listen to him, one and all.

Harry’s future programs will be available on AVFM’s Live 365, our Youtube Channel, and on this website.

At this critical point in our history, it is very encouraging to know that Harry’s voice will remain at the core of what we do. PE



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