$1,000 Reward for the Arrest & Conviction of Danielle D’Entremont’s Attacker

Today in Kingston Ontario the following posters will be appearing in and around the city of Kingston, Ontario, near the site of Queen’s University, where a woman named Danielle D’Entremont claimed to have been viciously attacked in the middle of the night by an unknown assailant, with hints that she was assaulted due to her feminist activism and that this was also somehow related to the talk to that Professor Janice Fiamengo gave at Queen’s University that week.

The Men’s Human Rights Movement has always been strictly anti-violence and anti-censorship. We believe even those who strongly criticize us, or who try to silence us, deserve to be heard. Indeed, we have always stated that we want people to read and hear their words, as much as possible. If anybody involved in the Men’s Human Rights Movement in any way physically harmed or seriously threatened anyone, we would instantly denounce them.

Furthermore, to repeat, we want everyone to have their voices heard, including feminist activists. It is our view that the more feminists speak about their views, and the more people hear what they have to say, the better off all society will be.

So no matter who attacked this young woman, we want them found, arrested, and prosecuted.

The following poster is quite serious, and will remain a standing offer.


Poster Reward D'Entrement


We are quite serious. Any legitimate information we receive will be forwarded to law enforcement.

If you have such information to help legal authorities find the assailant, please contact me through Men’s Rights Canada or here through A Voice for Men. Thank you for your cooperation.

Let’s find out what really happened here, and make sure the human rights of all people are protected, and that Freedom of Expression is never imperiled in Canada.


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