The Ultimate Men’s Summit: Elam Speaks

I know what some of you will think. I am thinking it myself. Careful, careful.

Remember the “invitation” by the Good Men Project Magazine to add our voice to a purportedly fair examination of the men’s rights movement on their website?  Remember the knife-in-the-back set-up by Editor Henry Belanger painting us all as frothing, whining, tin-foil hat wearing nut cases, inviting his readers to deride and ridicule us – right out of the gate?

I remember it well. I put my trust in Henry and he fucked me for it. No problem.  Scummy is as scummy does and his readers still got a face full of information that they were clueless how to respond to in any other way than to follow Henry’s low rent lead.

Now, I am about to prove that either Henry was representative of all of blue pill society and that the stench of misandry-disguised-as-men’s-movement has spread everywhere, or that there is reason to think otherwise.

An invitation has been extended, which I have accepted, from the promoters of the Ultimate Men’s Summit for me to present at that event.  The (mutually) chosen topic is “Why some men are angry at feminism.”

I hope to speak well and in a way that justifies the incredible support I have been given by those who regularly frequent this website.

I also want to say that I refuse to allow my experience with Henry Balanger of The Good Men Project  to reduce me to paranoia or to alter my values to the point that I refuse to extend trust until I am given reasons not to.

I have spoken at length with Lion Goodman, the summit liaison who approached me regarding an appearance.  My impression of him thus far guides my conscious about participating.  He strikes me as a bright, energetic man who is overly but unconsciously influenced by feminist propaganda (like the other 99% of men). That being said, he also gives me the impression he is open-minded, fair, principled and genuinely interested in what I/we have to say.

I could be wrong, but that is my honest impression and I am going with it.

That being said, I would like to ask AVfM supporters to register for the event and give a brief call in to my interview (each segment only lasts 30 minutes) to add your thoughts into the mix, as well as to phone in and participate in other presentations.

Thanks again in advance for your participation. This won’t be AVfM Radio, but I won’t be sugar coating either.

My appearance there will be Thursday, June 16th at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time, US.

Register for the summit HERE.

Read my summit profile HERE.

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