The Male Soldier

It’s hard to know what to say about this video besides, please watch this:

I added a comment I believe relevant to this:

One important thing you may have overlooked here, and I mention it because I’ve seen others mention it elsewhere and encountered it myself in some of the men I work with: it is NOT uncommon for guys to come home from deployment only to find that their wife or girlfriend has left, alienated them from their children, and sometimes even in child support arrears they didn’t even know they owed until they got home. So it’s yet another massive kick in the face to a lot of these guys. Just wanted to mention that because I’ve talked to MORE THAN ONE veteran who’s had this sort of thing happen to them. It appears that the legendary “Dear John” letter every G.I. used to dread getting no longer applies; he doesn’t even get that courtesy. Instead he may just get home and find her and the kids gone and a bill he can’t pay–a few have even returned just to be put in jail for not paying child support they never got notice that they owed. It’s nightmarish. –DE

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