The Invisible Suffering of the Codependent Man

Prostitution is legal when it is called “adult entertainment,” “escort services” or “marriage.”

Brutally honest prostitution was exiled by vainglorious social justice warriors with suspiciously clean white armor. But it was honesty that was exiled, not prostitution.

Prostitution 2.0 (“P2” for brevity) uses lies and addiction to increase profits from private webcam shows, pornography, diamonds and Valentine’s Day merchandise. Sex sales have been liquidated and reinvested in selling prospects of affection.  You don’t have to sell sex when you could sell a lap dance or three hours where you pretend to be a girlfriend. There is no better indication of how lonely we must be than the profit margins for suppliers of prepackaged love. That is a clear indication that affection is in demand, but there is a shortage.

P2 vendors would not be sitting on a pile of cash if men felt loved.

If a man could buy sex or feel respected by women, he would feel no inclination to fall into the sophisticated machinery ready to consume him.

The pus-lubed web of lies woven by P2 make life worse by performing two functions:

  • To facilitate courtship between codependents and narcissists.
  • To encourage male codependency and female narcissism.

Although the above functions are unintentional, they are observable characteristics that emerged from private sector operations.

For the unaware, codependency is a psychological condition characterized by an obsessive preoccupation with others, often to the expense of one’s own self. Narcissism is an obsessive preoccupation with one’s own self, often to the expense of others. Codependents and narcissists are naturally attracted to one another, and have a relationship comparable to a tick and a lemming.

Yes, there are cases in which a narcissistic man harms a codependent woman, and these cases are exactly as sad. However, these cases are not developed by gynocentric mainstream marketing influences that actively encourage a specific codependent-narcissist configuration.

Marketing is not geared toward what she can do for him, but rather what he can do for her. Remember, every kiss begins with Kay and you should say that with flowers. She won’t love you unless you have Axe body spray (yuck), dandruff shampoo, flowers, candy, cards, jewelry and the head of a dragon you’ve slain.

Even feminists belching about socialization must admit that men are told to buy affection.

When an emotionally healthy woman is perpetually given gifts and unwarranted affection as the primary consumer, she will learn to expect the Disney princess life. When an emotionally healthy man is competing in a buyer’s market for cock, he learns to treat himself like a product first and a human being second. PUAs profit from the insecurities that understandably incubate in these men, which means even confidence is a commodity as opposed to something you develop with experience.

Both men and women learn to be manipulative to get a slice of their respective pies, and the manipulation tactics are comparable to those of codependents and narcissists. Codependents appear altruistic, loving and kind, but are often simply buying friendship in a desperate attempt to avoid facing the curdled puddle of piss that is their self-esteem. Narcissists (who are self-loathing in a different way) act as enticing Venus flytraps, so codependents only realize how royally fucked they are once they see escape is not simply a matter of buzzing off.

Since buying sex is illegal in most jurisdictions and asking for sex may prompt a witch hunt, a man’s basic emotional and physical needs are turned into addictive commodities that provide the illusion of sexual contact and social acceptance during masturbation.

Cough syrup for an eternal cold.

Is it any wonder why the stereotype of the horny heterosexual man developed? A man’s natural libido has been amplified by a view that sex is the ultimate form of approval, and approval is the Holy Grail for codependents. While feminists screech about acceptance and inclusion,  they ignore the men who are desperate for both.

Because we live in a culture of “yes might maybe mean no but perhaps not,” actually having sex has become the primary and least ambiguous means to feel accepted. However, the process leading up to sex is a dangerous, maddening journey fraught with peril, confusion and possibly court summons. Any insecure man preoccupied with sex is not interested in merely sex, he is desperate to break out of a downward spiral of crippling loneliness beaten into his skull.

Sex emotionally completes the codependent Western male. Sadly, his passivity prohibits him from articulating his multifaceted torment brought on by a judgmental consumer culture. This is especially so in the face of an angry woman with an audience. Any reactionary fearful blubbering on the part of a man cast into the spotlight (especially on TV) is cast as stupidity and misogyny. Other men who as desperate as he is will join in on heckling him, all in the name of seeking acceptance and perhaps sex from their chosen goddess. Men will actually assist narcissistic women in stripping a dazed and confused man of his identity and dignity, probably before he had a chance to even develop either in a hostile environment that stunts said development.

Men, as the cult-urally designated codependent, deserve sympathy, but also criticism for funding their own turmoil. Men cast their own cocks as worthless, and narcissists-in-training happily agree while sucking the raspberry center out from a heart-shaped chocolate.

Breaking codependent habits is a slow, difficult process that involves unraveling a complex neural network that literally programs a man to be self-destructive in the name of “love.” This cannot change quickly, but it can change. 

Women have every choice to use prospects of sex to introduce ambiguity and emotional hazards for their own benefit, and may even cast innocent flirting as rape, criticism as verbal abuse, and compliments as insults. If more women made the choice to treat men like human beings (even in rejection), fewer men would sink deeper into their internal void.

What can be done to create a society of healthy reciprocal relationships between mutually compassionate partners?

Unfortunately, we cannot directly control a psychologically unprepared culture. There are too many interrelated factors at work. The only reliable escape is the realization that the game is rigged.

This is why MGTOWs will change the world without casting a single vote in a ballot or spending any money.

The system cannot handle a man who says “no.”

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