Please tell me more about my male privilege!

Let’s talk about this idea of male privilege that feminists have told us exists. But I should be more specific: the cisgender, heterosexual, Caucasian, male privilege. Now, anyone who observes the treatment of men in our society can tell you that this group is far from privileged. But in order for feminists to be able to make us believe in “oppressed women and privileged men,” they must protect this lie. On a good day, we can just ignore their little world known as the patriarchy, but they allow serious issues faced by men and boys to be ignored so as not to sacrifice the plausibility of “male privilege.” Now, as a privileged man, let’s take a look at some of my privileges:

1. Unfair divorce laws. Despite marriage’s obvious red flags, some men (albeit fewer and fewer) are still willing to marry. At this point, the percentage of men who value marriage is approximately 29%. I find it hard to believe that this group does not know the risks so I assume they justify marriage by telling themselves, “Divorce won’t happen to me” or “My wife-to-be is the exception to the rule” or “She’s pregnant.” Regardless, the more than likely impending divorce is where men lose most (if not all) of their rights. Pre-nups are thrown out of court on a routine basis, and the judge can even use a flimsy excuse for nullifying the document, such as “It is not fair to the other party,” and your soon-to-be ex-wife is able to turn your assets portfolio into a buffet. You can be ordered to pay obscene amounts of alimony (almost 98% of which is collected by women), you can lose your house (and still be obligated to pay the mortgage), you can be held responsible to cover any of her debt (given that it was incurred before or during the marriage), and if you do not comply you will be found in contempt of court for breaking a court order and you get to go to prison.

2. Little to no parental rights. This applies whether or not you are married to the mother of said children. All the mother has to do is say that you are abusive, you molested the children, she is intimidated by you, or any other excuse that portrays her and the children as victims and the police will remove you from your home. In many cases, you can even have a restraining order taken out against you. This makes it easy for her not only to attain full custody of the children (just like 80% to 90% of custody dispute cases end, depending on the location), but also the more custody she receives, the more child support she receives. Oops, I mean, the more child support the children receive. We know that the money is going to the children, even though there is no auditing system in place to make her prove how that money is spent because there is no such thing as a selfish and materialistic woman. To add insult to injury, men can be ordered to pay child support to the point of becoming destitute, with no consideration for them or even an attempt at finding a balance. If that is not bad enough, men can be ordered to pay child support for children who are not biologically theirs. This could be that they were the child’s stepfather, living with the mother of the child, the “father by default,” or even if they were victims of paternity fraud. The epitome of male privilege is finding out that the mother of your child cheated and let you raise another man’s child while your only choice was to either support them irrespective of your own financial stability or go to jail.

3. Sexually related crimes and false rape accusations. This is the biggest flaw on part of the feminists that I have seen to date. They have turned the idea of rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and statutory rape into a complete joke. In short, they are trying to set up a system in which men are responsible not only for their own actions (as they should be) but also for the actions of the woman. First, the conditions used to be that if a woman is drunk, she is not able to consent (I guess feminists do not know the difference between ability and capacity); then it became if her consent was not enthusiastic, she was raped. Then they took it a step further, encapsulated by Catherine MacKinnon’s famous quote: “In a patriarchal society, all heterosexual intercourse is rape because women, as a group, are not strong enough to give meaningful consent.” Next, they decided to separate the crimes “rape” and “made to penetrate,” thereby eliminating male victims of heterosexual rape from their statistics. Furthermore, in 2011, U.S. President Barack Obama ordered post-secondary institutions that received federal funding to lower the burden of proof required to expel someone accused of sexual assault. Since there are few (if any) men who falsely accuse women of sexually related crimes, this was yet another way to demonize men. Last but not least, to show how privileged men really are, some feminists take it so far as to say that being falsely accused of rape can be a good experience for men, something from which they can learn. Yeah, I would do nothing but gain from being thrown out of school, fired from my job, sent to prison, and humiliated with that stigma and a criminal record for the rest of my life. Who wouldn’t want that?

4. Domestic violence. The feminists cannot stand the idea of men being victims of domestic violence, let alone women being perpetrators, because it chips away at their faux-argument of women being oppressed. But it is a lot more serious than we think. Feminists have led us to believe that domestic violence is a male issue and it is a reason that women should fear men. In reality, the domestic violence rates are about equal pertaining to men on women and women on men and even women on women. The fact is, men have more of a right to be afraid. In some cases, men are bigger and stronger, but there is marginal sympathy for them. In Canada to date, there are no battered men’s shelters, and as a society, there is a collective acceptance of women abusing men. In fact, the man is looked at as the bad guy if he defends himself. When he is the victim, not only is it acceptable, but it is also apparently funny, as seen here. What a privilege it is to be a man.

5. Men in the media. This one really shows the true nature of how a female-run media sees men. We see many commercials in which men are treated like idiots or as yet another kid in the house who needs the strong, confident woman to step in and take care of him. A YouTube channel called Vinny Mac has a series of videos called “Misandry in the Media” (you can view parts 1 and 2 here), which to date includes a 20-video compilation. Some will argue that these types of commercials are targeted toward women so they need to be something to which women can relate. Unfortunately, that argument raises more questions than it answers. First, why is man-hating something that women can relate to? Second, if sexism becomes acceptable based on the target demographic, what was the issue with having women in bikinis in beer commercials? Oh that’s right, it is only okay to be sexist when the victim is a man.

6. Miscellaneous male privileges. There are many more, so I will briefly list them here. Most are common knowledge, but I have posted sources for most.

a. Men make up the majority of the homeless (Figure 4 shows that as age increases, male homelessness increases while female homelessness decreases).

b. Men make up the minority of college graduates (women earn 62% of associates degrees, 57% of bachelors degrees, 60% of masters degrees and 52% of doctorates).

c. The education system is tailored to girls.

d. Men and boys make up the majority of school dropouts.

e. Men make up the majority of workplace fatalities and workplace injuries.

f. Men are hated on for choosing more lucrative careers, more dangerous jobs, and on average working longer hours than women (wage gap).

g. Men are more likely than women to go to prison for the same crime.

h. Men are more likely to get longer sentences than women for the same crime.

i. Men are the majority of those residing in prison.

j. Men make up the majority of suicide victims.

k. Men are the majority of victims of public sphere violence.

l. Men make up the majority of unemployed.

m. Men make up the majority of persons addicted to drugs.

n. Men are the majority of rape victims (if you count “made of penetrate” as rape, as you should).

o. Boys receive lower grades than girls from female teachers.

p. Men who choose careers over family are selfish; women who do the same are empowered.

q. If a man finds a woman attractive, he is objectifying her; if he does not, he is shallow.

r. If a man tries to be a gentleman, he is a chauvinist; if he does not, he is rude.


After all of that, feminists somehow still perpetuate the concept of “male privilege,” but back in reality “female privilege” seems more realistic. Maybe we are, in fact, even living in a matriarchal society in which women are privileged.

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