Interview with Adam Jones, Ph.D

Adam Jones is a Canadian scholar and photojournalist who serves as the Executive Director of Gendercide Watch, an NGO that “seeks to confront acts of gender-selective mass killing around the world.” Dr. Jones has traveled to over 85 countries, studying how gender influences violence on an international scale. Jones advocates for both men and women globally, and writes essays on genocide that are often compiled into books like Gender Inclusive.
Dr. Jones wishes for men’s advocacy to expand beyond Western conceptions of male victimization, because male victimization in areas outside of Western civilization are often not discussed. Jones has faced feminist backlash in the peer review process for his critique of modern scholarship and media (under which female victimization is emphasized to the point male victimization is incidentalized, if not excluded altogether). Jones claims that friends have assisted in his efforts to publish, including some feminists. However, the opposition to Jones’ work came almost entirely from the feminist camp.
Feminists from different branches of epistemology in academia have been at odds, such as feminist empiricists and the Marxism-derived standpoint theorists. This may explain why some helped Jones in spite of strong ideological opposition.
Please watch Victor Zen’s interview with Jones below. Zen brings questions from many people from community, including Alison Tieman, Lucian Valsan, Karen Straughen’s daughter, Dean Esmay and so on.
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