AVfM Radio: The Golden Bridle

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The golden bridle. When we talk about the carrot and the stick, this would be the carrot. It’s the positive inducement to men, to comply with the prevailing status quo, even when their role in it is draft animal in a yoke.

We’ve talked a lot on AVFM about the traditionally acceptable role for men, that of provider, protector, all around utility dispensing labor, cash, protection, and absorbing and dispensing violence on behalf of others. And weve talked previously about the fear of lost public identity which motivates men to stay on that figurative treadmill. But tonight, although we’ll be straying into discussions of the social penalties of nonconformance, we’re really talking about heroes.

What can possibly so valuable that men throughout history have willingly died, been mutilated, surrendered consideration as human beings entirely in exchange for it? What is the golden bridle

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