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Straight from the Windy City, E. Steven Berkimer, the new activism coordinator for A Voice for Men and, co-founder of The False Rape Society and The Community of the Wrongly Accused (COTWA), has issued a challenge to MRAs in the Chicago area.

He thinks that the recent trend in “on the ground” activism found in cities like Vancouver, Hamilton, Edmonton, Seattle and Melbourne would be enhanced by being joined by Chi-town.

He is asking anyone in or near that great city to make contact so that they can form a group to go on poster runs.  It is a good idea. Chicago is the third largest city in the United States, with a very dense population center. Posters for the MRM placed there would be sure to have an impact. That impact, as seen in other cities, has gone something like the following.

  1. Posters, filled with incendiary rhetoric, like being against domestic violence and discrimination, go up in densely populated areas.
  2. Self-appointed saviors of humanity come out with box cutters, deface and remove the posters, cry a lot, and claim to be traumatized by the evil messages.
  3. One of the box cutter wielding crybabies makes contact with someone in the mainstream media, who makes contact with AVfM, demanding to know why we hate women so much and asking if we hunt endangered species, eat babies and sell crack at the playground.
  4. We answer their questions honestly, explaining that we are just trying to raise awareness about a more complete view of domestic violence and discrimination.
  5. The mainstream reporter then publishes an article written before they talked to us, about how we post hate messages, hunt for endangered species, eat babies and sell crack at the playground, but does not show their readers the posters, or explain why they are supposedly hateful.
  6. Then I get an email from another concerned MRA that says, “Hey, I want to get in on this, too.”
  7. Go back to item 1.

With each one of these cycles, site traffic goes up. Support, even from the blue pill community, becomes more apparent, the mainstream hacks get slaughtered right in their own comment sections, and more people with brains actually come here and figure out just how full of shit the crybabies and hacks really are.

I like the arrangement. We post a few 8 ½ by 11 pieces of paper, and our opponents do the rest of the work.

Anyway, if you live in the Chicago area and you want to be part of a team decorating a few traffic areas with enough truth to gag Oprah, please send an email to Steve at activism@avoiceformen.com.

I know he would love to hear from you. So will the rest of Chicago.


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