Arguing for Male Rights in Bizzarro World

As a men’s rights activist, I’ve written dozens or articles and produced a number of videos addressing various aspects of men’s rights, or the lack thereof, in our society. Recently, I was publicly critical of a national post article advocating the sexual mutilation of male infants – and a YouTube subscriber who shares my views on the issue of circumcision made the observation that I went too easy on the child-mutilation apologist.
I accept that criticism, I did treat that columnist too gently.
So here’s a problem faced by anyone in the men’s rights community who is presenting arguments to those on the outside:
The consensus reality most people inhabit is a dream, only loosely related to the real world.
I know, that sentence sounds like the first line of a rant by a delusional, tinfoil-hat wearing lower function mental patient. What I mean by that is that the reality of experience for men in western culture is a dystopian nightmare, which only by willful self delusion can the majority of males retain an outward calm, and avoid a state of despair.
I know that still sounds like wild hyperbole, so I ask you to bear with me just a bit further.
In a past article, I referred to the state of reproductive rights for men as a condition equivalent to slavery. I was roundly condemned for this observation. Slavery, people said was a wild exaggeration, and pointlessly inflammatory rhetoric.
But the fact is that men have no reproductive rights at all. Yes, men have access to condoms, but a condom is a device conferring the mechanical ability to contain semen during ejaculation; it’s not the same as having the legal right of self determination over reproduction – as women enjoy.
“A woman’s body, a woman’s choice,” I hear somebody shrieking. Okay, sure, as long as you make that feminist slogan complete by adding – a man’s body, also a woman’s choice; a man’s income, a woman’s choice; a broken condom, a woman’s choice; secretly collected semen from a used condom, a woman’s choice; a child conceived during the molestation of an underage boy, a woman’s choice; duping a man for child support who didn’t even father the child, a woman’s choice.
After conception, no matter how conception might occur, women have rights, men only have the onus to pay. That’s why I used that ugly word: slavery.
In writing about men’s rights, about the ongoing subtraction of rights from men by a society and a legal system governed by a radical feminist ideology, complete candor is treated by the sleepy public as if it is wild eyed conspiracy theory lunacy. The reality is already so extreme, that to be heard at all, what a men’s right’s activist must do at all times is to simply try to diminish the scale and extremity of systemic hatred of males in our society.
Does that sound like hyperbole, too?
This discussion is occasioned by an article by Marc Weisblott which nicely illustrates the surreal nightmare world  that 40 years of radical feminism has created.
Canadian comedian and actor, Dave Foley was recently divorced, and ordered to pay spousal support for his ex wife and two teenage sons. The amount of his court ordered support payment is where we steer sharply into bizzarro land: 400 percent of his income. Four times what he earns is what Dave Foley is required by the family court system of Ontario to pay. If he returns to Canada, he’ll go to jail.
In the eyes of the law, this man is not a human being, he’s simply a sperm and cash dispenser.
And this thing we’re living in is a patriarchy, right?
Read Foley’s story here.

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