A huMAN’s prayer

Greg Canning recently wrote a piece about Eve Ensler which included a video of her “Man Prayer”.

I would like to offer up a new version of her “prayer” which I have penned to reflect a huMAN’s prayer.


A huMAN’s prayer

May I be a decent human being
whose strength comes from the ability to speak out against their hate
who understands every human being has worth and value regardless of gender or sex
who promotes compassion rather than intolerance
who appreciates learning and knowledge more than blind obedience
who seeks the truth over their lies
who speaks out wherever their hatred is promoted
who refuses to accept
their vitriol,
their lies,
their abuse,
their insults,
their hate
may I not be afraid to stand up for what’s right
may I speak out with a strong confident voice
and join hands with others in solidarity
may I move confidently, never in shame
may I be loud enough to expose their hate and fear
and gather others to do the same
may I oppose their attempts to silence me
may I empower, support and join others who do the same
may the resonance of our united voices rise up
the truth for all to hear

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