Zen Men will die without volunteers

The new Zen Men LLC (ZM) is one of the most successful men’s rights ventures in academia, which is why it hurts me to say that if I cannot build a dedicated managerial team by May 1st, I have to allow Zen Men to expire.

No, this is not me quitting, this is Zen Men being too big of a ship to run without a crew. When I say “I can’t do this alone,” I’m not giving you fluff about the meaning of friendship, I really mean I can’t do this alone.

Having an organization grow too quickly is a good problem to have, but it is a problem nonetheless.

The bright and passionate Kennesaw State University student officers in the original chapter will continue governing on that campus, but I am now operating the parent organization without help. This harshly limits both my personal life and ZM, because my volunteer efforts now take too much time for me to hold down a full-time job along with school.

There are MHRAs counting on me to help them with projects, but I can’t do so if ZM takes all of my time. A burnt-out activist is useless, and no airplane would fly if one person acts as the pilot, the flight attendant, the engineer and the traffic controller at the same time.

I am not going to disrespect donors by spinning wheels and working to the point of dysfunction. Struggling to maintain a machine without getting a chance to actually use it helps nobody. This is why Zen Men needs committed volunteers.

ZM needs top-level managers, middle managers, lower level managers, and creative activists to keep everything running smoothly. All top-level managers will report to weekly meetings to discuss where we are and where we’re going.

You can read summaries of the responsibilities associated with each available position on our volunteer page. The specific, measurable expectations of each position are available to candidates who reach out.

ZM needs every position on the volunteer page filled, but these positions need people immediately:

  • Chief Operations Officer (COO): Oversees operations, and designs processes and programs to create and maintain revenue streams for the organization.
  • Chief Strategic Planning Officer (CSPO): Develops and applies broad strategies and processes for purposes of activism.
  • Secretary: Prepares, maintains and reports meeting minutes and agendas. Must attend every top-level meeting.
  • Recruiter: Finds passionate, qualified volunteers for activist projects or organizational business.

Serious inquiries only! I will evaluate candidates and their backgrounds with interviews. All candidates must agree to uphold the mission statement and learn the detailed responsibilities of their chosen position in our discussion. Volunteers will accomplish most—if not all—of their work over the Internet.

Zen Men LLC can take public policy away from gynocentric and misandric forces. To make that happen, just email me at sage@avoiceformen.com and state the position that calls to you.

It’s up to you all to help me start the new Renaissance.

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