Human rights violations: the price of Oprah’s vanity

April 13, 2013  Oprah Winfrey, the media mogul, made her way into Hamilton on the backs of suffering of children.

My backyard, Hamilton Ontario Canada, that is.

It also brought to town someone we already know and support Can-Fap and Glen Callender. Along with other Intactivists. All of whom I found to be extremely rational and ethical people.

Some video of Callender in Hamilton here More of AVFM coverage and the Intactivists here,  here,  here, and  here, none of it video circumcised. (more to follow later on in the article)

This brought about a serendipitous opportunity for me to beat feet on the pavement and raise my voice, a MHRM voice, out in front of Copps Coliseum in protest of Oprah’s promotion and usage of a facial cream made from cells harvested from male genital mutilation.

Genital mutilation is a human rights violation and is in direct conflict of article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Sort of but, not exactly. Genital mutilation is a direct violation of article 3 if you are a girl, if you are a boy your genitals are a valuable and not so secret ingredient for Oprah’s skin cream.

The product is called TNS Recovery Complex is was created and is produced by a company called SkinMedica. They claim the facial cream is made from a single foreskin harvested 20 yrs ago. I have a difficult time believing that. Regardless if this claim is true or not, it is still a product, made to profit off of women’s vanity, created from a human rights violation. And Oprah is willing to endorse and use it.

I think we need to examine the foreskin before we go any further.

First the foreskin is also known as a prepuce.

I think we need to reproduce the verbatim definition. To help expose bigotry and hypocritical actions engaged in by the general population to Oprah all the way up to the U.N.

Medical Definition of PREPUCE

: foreskin; also : a similar fold investing the clitoris

Something missed by Big Red  and the feminist writer Lindy West  who red magically forgot to credit for her menopausal diatribe despite it being posted on Red’s tumblr on March 29,2013.

If you’re like me, as old as me, I believe you will not have paid much attention to that little known part of the body that you were missing from before you could consciously remember. However according to the literature handed out by the intactivists who were out there it is not such a minor body part to be casually cut off.

A man’s foreskin will eventually become about 15 square inches of skin with about 4 feet of blood vessels 240 feet of nerves, about 20,ooo specialized nerve endings and is about 1/3 to 1/2 of the total skin that comprises a man’s penis.

Here is there is some Intactivist literature, fair warning the last one is graphic and I found to be horrifying: (click images to enlarge)

circ circ2



circ 3circ 4

From the above literature you can see there are a substantial health risks as well as life endangering complications that can and do arise from male genital mutilation.

I have to say the last picture is particularly abhorrent.  How anyone could do this to their child is beyond me in these times of information sharing.

The Intactivists, braving the nasty frigid last blast of winter, and jeers from hypocritical, ignorant people, were handing out literature similar to the ones above.

Some of Oprah’s fan replies in my video footage were far colder than what the weather was throwing at the Intactivsts. Comments made by Oprah’s fawning fans, which are mostly comprised of women and feminists; fans whom she holds sway over in the formation of their opinions.

Oprah Winfrey supports male genital mutilation.

Oprah’s endorsement of this product has lead to her fans being supportive of it too, for the sake of female vanity.

You can see this in some of the responses from my footage of the protest. One woman gleefully walks by stating ‘its working’ funny she wasn’t so keen on donating the female version of foreskin called the clitoral hood so she could keep her youthful features. Another tries to shame me by stating ‘She (Oprah Winfrey) has done more for this world than you ever will.’ Maybe she has, she also endorses a product made from genital mutilation.

Still they came on with comments that made me give my head a shake. One woman says “you guys (protesters) are sick.” While the next woman going to the show says “you guys are crazy”.

Umm. do you ladies wanna donate your prepuce for some men’s grease and grime remover hand cream? It will make our hands really soft and younger looking so you won’t have to complain about them feeling rough due to the harsh treatment we put them through to make a living and give you a fair chunk of our wages.

Perhaps Oprah or those woman would like to donate their clitoral hood for the next line of skin rejuvenating cream? They want to look young don’t they? No, they want to encourage their inner vanity in the form of outward ‘beauty,’ and they have no problem hacking off a male body part to get the job done.

Don’t even think of going to the well of patriarchy for an excuse.  The problem is the vain and callous competition of women for men with resources. The proof of what I claim can be found on any magazine bookshelf.

Still, there are probably a few feminists who are going to say its because those women are brainwashed by the patriarchy. My reply to them is how pathetic is it that feminism considers women to be that mentally weak.

The real problem is that Oprah, a media and social cultivation giant, is profiting from male genital mutilation. Feminists as well are fine with this. It doesn’t affect them. It’s not ‘their body, their choice.’ It’s a males body and he has no choice.

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